Carnival (New Poem)

Music blaring from speakers making your hips dance and your bum wiggle,

Drums beating out the rhythm so loud your heart matches it’s beat,

Spectators and dancers shouting out the mood of the carnival

As the crowds stamp their feet in encouragement,

Their cameras flashing and whistles blowing. 

All the colors of the rainbow dazzling your eyes with their brightness,

Swirling so fast you barely know where one costume ends and another begins,

Headdresses so high they look to reach the church spire as the wearer wriggles past.

Children, Adults, Black, White and Asian merge together to create Beauty,

This is carnival time.


By Lucy Williams



Lucy’s Diary (26/08/14)

I am slightly behind on the diary as these photos were taken on Friday night.

Both me and the Husband are from the same village and both our parents still live there. So Friday night was visit the parents evening. We went to the old salutation inn in Keyworth, which is about a 20 minute car drive from Nottingham.

It is one of the two decent pubs there (the other being the tavern). It is in the center of the village with plenty of parking. They do food, I have to say it looked very tasty and there were quite a few choices for us vegetarians as well. I may have to go back in the day and test it out!

This is some of the decorations on the walls. It is a proper English village pub.

My husband and dad.

This is one of the two resident cats and it is quite happy to be stroked lots (good job with me and mum around!)

New YouTube Video! (Old John’s Tower- Poem)

The cool wind hits me

Making my skirt dance

I let it push me down,

Onto the wiry grass


It feels as if I can see the world

From Old Johns tower

Endless fields of ferns

Stretching past the Grey ruins


Tiny yellow flowers

Adding colour to the dark slate

Rocks jutting out at right angles

Trying to feel the powerful wind


The colours around so dull,

Deer roaming freely

It seems to add to the wildness

Of this oasis in the city

Lucy’s Diary (23/08/14)

These photo’s are actually from Monday but better late than never! It was my Husbands aunt and uncle’s 30th wedding anniversary, which lets face it these days is nothing short of a miracle.

Their eldest son who is 18 organised it with help from the Husbands parents. They hired out the village hall (where both me and the husband are from).

This is him on the right with his cousins (my husband and his brother).

There was a buffet,

Including cake,


I’m told it was mine and my Husbands wedding reception three months ago that inspired the idea for this party.

Mind Campaign

Our World

I come from a different world to you
One that is in complete darkness
A world that you are scared of,
A world you don’t understand

My world is where the demons roam
Where all your fears come to life
A world where happiness is brief,
A world where there are no friends

I came here because of depression
All of us got here in different ways
A world of battles being fought to the end,
A world where all the eyes are open

Your world is full of possibility
A place where joy comes often
A world where problems are fleeting,
A world where there are people to rely on

You look at us with pity in your eyes
Glad that you are not one of us
A world you hope we have made up,
A world you have shut your eyes to

Every so often life puts you on our side
Although we try and push you back
But unfortunately your world isn’t real,
It is our world that is.