Lucy’s Diary (30/09/14)

Today me and the Husband visited the quaint Derbyshire village of Eyam, or the name many people in the U.K may of heard of more is the Plague village.

There is a little museum, which only costs £2.50 each to get in and it tells the history of Eyam through the plague and at the moment they also have a display about Eyam in the first world war.

There are many plack’s  on the walls of the houses, listing the names and ages of all the people who died in that house of the plague. The photo below is the house where it all started. The man who lived here was a tailor. He ordered some materials from London and when they arrived they brought the plague with them. The tailor died as you can see below.

The village of Eyam but themselves off from the rest of the country to try and keep the plague outbreak from spreading.

This is Eyam Hall. It costs £8.00 each to get in but it looked closed so I settles for a photo through the gate instead!

A bench with poetry on it? obviously I had to take a photo of it!

Opposite the bench was some foot stocks but there was no way I was sitting on the mud so hands it was. If you have any photo’s of any of my books please post them as I want to see how far it can go!

The view from up the hill over Eyam.

And behind me is the house that the poet, Richard Furness was born in.

Below is the pretty little church in Eyam  where there are big stone tombs with entire families in who died within the space of a few months of the plague.

Inside the little church.

Celtic cross in the church yard.

There is always time for a spot of tea. This time in the village green tea rooms. Other than a corner shop, two tearooms and a few pubs there is not much else.

And finally this is a building I caught sight of on our wanderings and I liked it so took a pic

Black Dog (Short story)

This is going to be the beginning of the paperback version of Haunted.  

If I stay in this corner curled up in a tight ball, the dog might forget I exist. If I can just make it through the night it might get bored. But is doesn’t even tire. Its giant jaws are biting my arms, in amidst its cruel barks I can hear it telling me there is no point. You don’t like it here, it reminds me, you may as well just end it instead of putting yourself through all this misery.

“What about my family?” I wail, with a shake of his grisly black head it dismisses my protests. They will get over it he says in my head.

“But I like it here, there is so much more I want to do” His barks turn into a horrid laugh. Of course I already know his answer and I know he is right; the dead have no regrets only the living suffer.

I try and cover my head with my arms, blocking out his voice but it is useless, he is inside my head. He is my every thought. Through my tears I start singing to myself, trying to hold on to the thought that one day I will be happy.

But I have been here before, many years ago and now it’s happened to me again. I’m not sure I am strong enough to go through this all again. The dog is smiling now with satisfaction, he can feel me wavering. I sing louder, scrunching my eyes closed in a bid to push him out.

After a while I become aware that I can’t hear him anymore. Cautiously I open my eyes. Sunlight is barging its way behind the curtains of my bedroom. The black dog has gone leaving me numb but relieved.

By Lucy Williams


Jon And The Bed Gremlins (Short Story)

This is a little fairy tale that I wrote recently for someone I know. It is just a bit of fun.

Once upon a time there was a GREAT BIG spooky wood and in that GREAT BIG spooky wood there was a GREAT BIG spooky house and in that GREAT BIG spooky house there was a GREAT BIG spooky bed and in that GREAT BIG spooky bed, Jon slept.

Like most eight year old children, Jon HATED bed time. His mum would always tell him to go to bed when he was in the middle of a really good game or watching his favourite television programme. This made Jon angry, it made him so angry that he would lie in bed on his back with his arms crossed and his forehead stuck in a frown. Even if Jon was REALLY, REALLY tired and his eyes were closing he would still stubbornly refuse to sleep.

But one night everything changed. As usual Jon was lying on his back, arms and frown in place, when he felt his transformers duvet cover jerk sideways. At first Jon wasn’t sure if he had imagined it so he ignored it. All of a sudden there was a BIG jerk and the duvet was flung right off him! Jon was so terrified he was shaking in his teenage mutant ninja turtle pyjamas!

Jon looked cautiously out the corner of his eye and could see a lump no bigger than his hand moving about under the duvet. At first he was frozen in terror but soon plucked up enough courage to take a little peek. Slowly Jon peeled up the corner; all was dark underneath apart from these HUGE orb like green eyes! Jon yelped, almost falling off the bed in his surprise.

While he was recovering from the shock, he felt a pair of little feet crawl up his chest. When he looked down there was another pair of HUGE green eyes blinking at him. In the darkness Jon could just make out a little tuft of white on its chin and a very long moustache. Quickly Jon put on his side lamp but when he turned back the little creature was gone. When he lifted the duvet again there were two pairs of green eyes looking at him from the darkness.

Jon was cold without his duvet and he knew he really wouldn’t be able to sleep if he was cold and it was already past 10:00 o’clock! He decided to try a little tug of the duvet but he felt the creatures tug back. The second time Jon pulled the duvet right on top of him but he had barely finished celebrating when he felt two pairs of little feet running up and down his body, their fingers like needles poking him in the ribs and tickling him. In the end Jon couldn’t stand it anymore and threw the duvet off. By this time Jon was feeling REALLY tired but now he couldn’t sleep, even though he very much wanted to, because he was cold.

Light was streaming through his bedroom window by the time the lumps in the duvet had disappeared but now he had to get up for school. Jon was so tired all day that he almost fell asleep in his cereal and he DID fall asleep in math, his favorite subject.

He was so worried the creatures would come back that night he checked under his sheets, duvet, pillows and EVEN under the bed for them but he was still unconvinced that they weren’t hiding somewhere.

By the time it was bed time, Jon was so scared he told his mum what had happened the night before;

“Have you been staying awake on purpose when you should be sleeping?” his mum asked. Jon admitted guiltily that he had.

“Well no wonder then, they are the bed gremlins!” she explained. Usually they just tuck you in at night, fluff up your pillows and retrieve missing socks and tissues to make sure you get the best nights sleep possible before school. But if you are still awake past your bed time they think you are not tired so try and ware you out so you fall asleep”. Jon was shocked he had never heard of this before but it DID made sense.

So that night instead of sulking on his back with his arms crossed and a frown on his forehead, he went straight to sleep. Sure enough his Mum was right and the bed gremlins never came. In the morning he felt much better for sleeping and also saw that his Captain America sock, which had fallen off in the night was on his bedside table. From that night on he never made himself stay awake again.

The end

Lucy’s Diary (20/09/14)

It is my beautiful sister’s Birthday today and we celebrated by going to Twycross zoo with our respective other halves.

Twycross is about an hour and a half away from where we live in Nottingham. It costs about £30.00 for two of us to go for the day.

There are several cafe’s and little souvenir shops. Since the last time I went they have improved the zoo lots.

One of my favorites are the penguins. We turned up just in time for dinner.

It does make me a little sad seeing animals like this behind fences even though they had lots of space and seemed quite happy. We saw these Asian elephants getting there dinner to.

This was a Lemur walk in enclosure. This guy came to say hello but growled so thought we best leave him alone.

You could also walk in where these parrots were to and also feed them. They were noisy little blighters but were so full of personality.

There was a huuugggggeeeee turtle

Another one of my favorite animals to see are the meerkats, they are just so adorable!

There was a walk in butterfly place. It was pretty amazing having all of them flying around you and I had one land on my leg and another land on my shoulder.

It Is Another Brick In The Wall (New Poem)

Every time you laugh at me

It is another brick in the wall

Every time that smirk crosses your face

It is another brick in the wall

Every time you make a snide comment

It is another brick in the wall

Every time you criticize me

It is another brick in the wall

Every time you stand and do nothing

It is another brick in the wall

Every time you ignore my pleas for help

It is another brick in the wall

Every time you put your hands where you shouldn’t

It is another brick in the wall,

That brick may have been the brick that topples the wall

Crushing me underneath in my sorrow.

By Lucy Williams

Those Are The Times I Love You The Most (New Poem)

Those lazy Sunday’s sprawled out on the sofa,

My legs resting on yours, while we watch random t.v,

Sticking my foot in your face to make sure you know I am still there

The patience you have every time I do that!

Or those minutes before we got to sleep

Putting the world we live in to rights,

Tickling you when you tease me,

Laughing each other to sleep.

Or the walks we go on hand in hand,

You uncomplainingly having to stop every two minutes for me to take photo’s,

Making plans for our near and far future

So comfortable with each other we don’t always talk,

Those are the times I love you the most.

By Lucy Williams