Poem’s Revisited (Sisters)

This poem features in my new book, Haunted, available off Amazon.

Do you ever miss it here?

All the games you could of played

The boy’s you could of gone out with

The friends you could have made.

A never- ending spiral

Our days seem now

Another sleepless night

Another thoughtless dream.

I wasted away all thoughts of you

Staring at your place

You always used to sit there

That familiar little face.

I rains everyday now

Not even a spot of blue

The sun would always smile

Whenever I was with you.

Sometimes I wake up

And wonder where you have disappeared

But only to be reminded

That I won’t ever see your face

All I want is my sister back

To hold her once again

And tell her that I love her

And make it all alright.

Do you ever miss it here?

Or are you safe and warm

Do your memories still haunt you?

Or do you not care

About the damage you have caused.

By Lucy Williams

Olde Hallow’s Eve (#HalloweenChallenge)


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Originally posted on Der Erzahler's Musings:

The clock is ticking, soon it will be time and I am not there

I’m running, my thin soled shoes flapping the early morning dew up,

My breath a white mist as I pant uncontrollably,

The dress I hastily put on is ripped to shreds as I run through brambles,

I must be with you in time to see you wake.

The ground rises up to meet me as I fall breathlessly to the stone,

I grope, blinded by the darkness and the tears, trying to find your head stone

It’s here and getting colder, I am just in time.

Sitting back on my legs, my hands clasped in front, I wait patiently,

In death as in life you have never let me down.

In the village behind, the clock strikes midnight ominously,

A mist slowly starts to form above where you lie

Even in this darkness I can see…

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Smoke And Fire (New Poem)

My dreams are full of smoke and fire,

Waking with a start and spluttering, gulping in a thick smog of ash,

Feeling the heat of a thousand torches,

Flames of red sliding it’s kiss of death across my body,

The rancid stench of flesh falling from bone,

Blackened bones plummeting to the floor

With the wind howling in grief through the splintered glass

My soul watches me breathe my last.

Lucy’s Diary (16/10/14)

I have just filmed this short vlog for my new book, Haunted. As you probably can tell in the video I am very excited about it!

In other news, from today it has been five years since me and my husband brought our little house : ) on a serious note though what the hell was I doing buying a house with a man when I was 24! Ah well it all ended well (but what a risk!). The top photo is of us moving in, so glad we got rid of that hideous yellow paper! The bottom photo is of me and my sister, who for the last two years has been renting the house next door to us. Good job we all get on!

Untitled 6 (A Poem)

My feelings about you,

They still shock me sometimes

I’ll see a glimpse of your face

And all those old memories come flooding back

With the good also comes the anger of the injustice

How come life treats you so well?

Despite everything you did,

Why is your life so charmed?

Maybe you were right all those years ago,

Maybe I’m not the good person I should be.

Haunted (Books)

My book, Haunted is now available in paperback!! For the first time I am publishing two of my short stories along with the poetry. All the material in this book are about my experiences with depression, when I was younger and now. Quite a few were written when I was at my worst. I write about suicide and self harm, so some people may find it upsetting.