Poem’s Revisited (A Cheater)

I don’t feel good about this

It’s ripping my heart in two

I don’t think what I am doing

Is something that you deserve


But I am lonely


I miss the way we used to be

Laughing and talking all night

Sometimes it’s still like that

Those times are getting fewer


But I miss you


The intimacy between us is gone

Although I know it is not an excuse

We were leading almost separate lives

I never meant to hurt you


But you weren’t there


She has the same humor as me

Never seems stressed or unhappy

There are no kids making a noise

We have plenty of time to ourselves


But I love you


You may not believe me but it’s true

It is just sex, although that sounds cliche

She is how you used to be

Before life changed you into something I don’t regonise


But I am a cheater.


By Lucy Williams

Lucy’s Diary (20/07/14)

Last Sunday me and the Husband went with the Husbands parents, brother and family friends to Chatsworth house in Derbyshire. I LOVE Chatsworth house, it is one of my favorite places in the world. Mostly because I am a history geek and it has been home to some of my favorite people in history including Bess of Hardwick, Georgina Spencer and Debo Mitford.

The Devonshires live in part of the house but then the rest is open to the public. New features keep being added, there was a DNA art wall along one corridor where the DNA pattern of the family have been made into a piece of art.

Films such as the Duchess and Pride and Prejudice have been filmed here and it has also been said that Jane Austen had Chatsworth in mind when she described Mr Darcy’s house of Pemberley.

The gardens looked beautiful.

As well as flowers they had statues. This is the last Duke of Devonshire having a chinwag with Winston Churchill. As you do.

This is the current Duke of Devonshire

The dowager Duchess, Deborah Mitford.

And weirdly the Queen and Prince Charles!

And of course the beautiful house itself.

The rather grand entrance hall.




I want this library!


I think they said it takes 18 hours to clean all the silver in here!

This is what the house looked like during the first world war when it was used as a school. It is not always like this but is to mark the 100 anniversary of the first world war starting.

This throne was in one of the many rooms you can access.

The alter in the house chapel.


Who doesn’t have a room full of statues! Achilles holding his heel.

The view from inside the house.

Poem’s Revisited (On My Own)

I sit here on my bed

All alone

I wonder where you have gone

This feeling of emptiness will not go away

Will anything be the same again?


I want to be near you,

To touch you

And hear your voice

The pain will never lessen


I miss you now more than ever

All I see when I close my eyes is your face

Can it be that you will come back to me?

And my life again be complete


The thought of living without you

Is more than I can bear

You are so far away

Yet feel so very near

If I could close that space

I wouldn’t be alone anymore.


By Lucy Williams

Poem’s Revisited (Ode to Husband)

This poem is an old one but it came about after a conversation with by husband. Husband is supportive of my writing but actually doesn’t like poetry (I know scandalous!). He feels that a poem is not a poem unless it rhymes, (obviously I don’t write poetry that rhymes) so this poem is in consequence of that (for the record he did find it funny). This is probably the worst poem I have ever written but it does make me smile every time I read it!


Once upon a time

You asked me to write a rhyme,

That was happy, not sad

Joyful and not mad


That is how I came to be

Sitting here with Just me

Writing this verse for you

While you are sitting on the loo!


Because I love you the most,

(And I like to boast!)

I wanted to prove to you that I would,

And could,


Write a couple of lines

Or maybe even nine!

That show I can rhyme,

Pretty mighty fine!


I have no idea where this poem is going

Other than showing

That I must love you more

(I think this evens the score)


I’m owed five stars

And possibly a trip to Mars!

So now I will finish this

Before you start taking the piss!


By Lucy Williams

Poem’s Revisited (Vanishing)

One little lie turned into many,

And I know some hurt you more than others,

Some might say I chose wrong,

Maybe you would say that to.

To take a child away from her Mother,

Isn’t an easy decision to make,

Even if you are the Father.

I have never stopped loving her,

But I stopped liking her, I loved you more.

I probably shouldn’t of said she was dead,

I didn’t have a choice though,

I knew she would come looking for us.

I couldn’t stand for you to watch me clean her sick up again,

For you to make your own breakfast while she was snoring again,

For you to end up in hospital injured again.

Some might say I chose wrong,

Maybe now you know you wouldn’t say the same.


By Lucy Williams

Poem’s Revisited (The Past)

Whatever this place was,

I can see it,

Ladies in intricate gowns,

Their waists pulled in waspishly.

I can even smell the must,

Of a long forgotten era,

The waft of food from the kitchen,

Mingled with the sweat from the near by stables.

I can hear it to,

The shouting of a man for a servant,

The joyful chattering of children,

The bark of a bouncing dog.

I can touch the stone walls,

It crumbles under my fingers,

Small grains tumbling over my shoes.

I slowly open my eyes

And it is all gone, I am back to reality,

The past temporarily  forgotten again.


By Lucy Williams

Poem’s Revisited (Spinalonger)

You were forced to leave,

Away from everything you loved,

To this God forsaken island.

Your home waving from across the water,

The harsh sun beating down painfully,

Scorching the dust under your flimsy shoes.

Salty tears rolling down your cheek,

As you watch forlornly after the retreating boat.

Standing with your small suitcase in your hand,

A man with a grotesquely disfigured face,

Comes to help to take you away,

What are you to do now?


By Lucy Williams