Newstead Abbey 04/14 (Photography)

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Poem’s Revisited (The Wildflower)

The wild flower sways,

Bending in the breeze,

Curling it’s stalk to kiss the grass,

Splaying it’s petals attractively


The wild flower sits,

Where a rare human eye might glance

But not understand it’s simple beauty,

Being at one with the bees and the butterfly’s


The wild flower blooms,

Amongst the wispy grasses of spring,

Shining all through the summer,

The proof of natures craft.


Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (Through The Keyhole)

The locked door, a flimsy barier

Keeping their secrets safe within

Not knowing I am still here,

Watching through the keyhole


I see her sitting silently,

Curled up in a comfy chair,

A book in her hand,

Lost in a world better than her own


He comes in, ready for a fight,

Stumbling into the room,

Falling over his own big feet,

Knocking the book out of her hand


The sound of his hand hitting her face revolts me

She offers no protection but he doesn’t care

He knows she won’t try and stop him anymore

Then there is a chilling silence.


I stand up smiling, ringing the door bell

There is help almost here

She knew but he didn’t, that I,

Was standing here watching through the keyhole.


Lucy Williams


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Poem’s Revisited (Reading)

Opening the cover of a new book,

The smell wafting up your nose,

You breathe in the dusty newness.

Black ink leaking from the pages,

The words flowing into your eyes

And they touch your soul,

Broadening your horizons,

Changing your belief systems,

Now you know how amazing the world really is.


Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (A Veil Of Tears)

Dying is the loneliest place on earth,

Even when you are surrounded by friends

There is no one that can take the pain away

Or move the tears that fall down your cheek


No one wants to die alone

Even though that is what we are destined to do

Nothing prepares you for the sense of loss

When you leave this world forever


There is never any choice when death calls,

Knocking on your existence with his scythe

Doesn’t matter if you are young or old

We all enter and exit in a veil of our own tears


When it is your turn to find out the truth,

Whether there is a Heaven and a Hell

If you will be greeted by the fires of doom

Or the bright white pearly gates of eternal bliss


It will be too late to turn back,

Too late to tell everyone you love them,

Although it is the time when you need them the most

Death  will make cowards of us all


Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (An Old School House)

My Grandma has lived in the same house her whole 90 years. Before that though it was an old Victorian school house. I visited her last year (she lives way down in Surrey!) And it is still exactly as I remember it when I visited it more often as a child. Naturally her house inspired a poem.


I can imagine what happened in this place,

Once upon a time, a very long ago

Behind this rickety wooden gate,

Showing signs of being stood here since the beginning of time


A well in the front garden,

Covered in a spiders web of foliage,

Twisting to keep it from falling apart,

Barring anyone from ever entering again


Cold stone of the old school house,

Crumbling in places now,

Ivy crawling up it’s walls,

Squirming through it’s cracks


The small rooms used to be cluttered with tables,

Neat little children eager to learn

Now the rooms are empty

And the floorboards creak to themselves


The garden is now overflowing with weeds,

Rushing to merge with the house,

Covering all it’s secrets,

From the worlds prying eyes.


Lucy Williams

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Wollaton Hall 2013 (Photography)

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Poem’s Revisited (Old House)

Moaning wood under my bare feet,

Floor boards half eaten away

The wind banging the shutters open,

Wailing through its corridors and rooms

Dark shadows thrown over the walls,

Making grotesque shapes in the gloom

Broken glass scattered all over,

Sparkling like diamonds in the night

The stairs creak continuously,

Like heavy feet stomping up and down

The spirits of the past have never slept,

Haunting this old house with their presence


Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (Mother Nature)

Feel Mother natures wrath

As she pelts us hard with wind and rain

Screaming around every corner

Pouring her anger into every crevice

“You dare damage me” she cries

“You pollute my earth with your dirt,

The I will rip your lives and houses apart

Take your most loved ones away for ever

Because I am mother nature

And you will feel my wrath”


Lucy Williams

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Sherlock Holmes (A Review)

I am in love with the recent Sherlock Holmes series on the BBC with the very funny Benedict Cumberbatch and I am a fan of the films starring Robert Downing junior so why have I never read the books? Well I found the complete novels of Sherlock Holmes which include The Study in Scarlet , Hound Of The Baskervilles, The Sign Of Four and The Valley Of Fear.

“What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done.”
― Arthur Conan DoyleA Study in Scarlet

I really loved The Hound Of The Baskervilles. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing really sent a shiver down your spine. I loved the unpredictable and dark setting of the moor and the old historic house. The characters were brilliant and freaky and I had no idea of the little mysteries that were entwined around the main story. You really got a sense of the fear surrounding the house.

“The more outré and grotesque an incident is the more carefully it deserves to be examined.”
― Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervilles

Unfortunately I didn’t like any of the others! There was no mystery in the study in scarlet or a sign of four and the mystery in the valley of fear was short lived. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I thought the basis of the stories were good but no enough was made of them, they could of been stretched further. 

“The man might have died in a fit; but then the jewels are missing,” mused the Inspector, “Ha! I have a theory. These flashes come upon me at times… What do you think of this, Holmes? Sholto was, on his own confession, with his brother last night. The brother died in a fit, on which Sholto walked off the treasure! How’s that?”
“On which the dead man very considerately got up and locked the door on the inside,” said Holmes.”
― Arthur Conan DoyleThe Sign of Four

I get the feeling that various script writers have felt the same as in every version of Sherlock Holmes I have seen, Sherlock is nothing like in the book. In the book he is a pretty ordinary Victorian man with maybe a few more modern for that time ideas with his logical way of thinking. Certainly not the self obsessed man that barely notices any one apart from himself that we have gone on to love in all the adaptions of the book.

“I say, Watson,’ he whispered, ‘would you be afraid to sleep in the same room as a lunatic, a man with softening of the brain, an idiot whose mind has lost its grip?’
‘Not in the least,’ I answered in astonishment.
‘Ah, that’s lucky,’ he said, and not another word would he utter that night.”
― Arthur Conan DoyleThe Valley of Fear

My advice would be to stick to reading The Hound Of The Baskervilles and leave the others for t.v! I hate saying this as it is rarely true but the film/t.v versions are better than the book. I give the novels three out of five stars and they are only for The Hound Of The Baskervilles.

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