Lucy’s Diary (Anti- Bullying Week)

It has been Anti-bullying week this week and I have not posted, shocking!

Many of you are probably aware that I was Sexually bullied at school. Below is my story.

I am currently writing a book called Behind The Silence about my five years of being bullied in the hope that it will help someone else.

Bullying is NOT acceptable it effects you for the rest of your life. If you are being bullied seek help. Go and see your doctor, they can put you forward for counselling. There are charities such as Samaritans that can help and there are many support forums on the internet for people who are being/have been bullied.

Never forget how much you are worth and never EVER let anyone make you feel as if you are not worth anything because it is not true.

Lucy’s Diary (17/11/14)

It’s getting near Christmas and I work in retail so as you can imagine the hours are long and it is busy. But luckily I had the weekend off and made the most of it by doing something different.

One of my favorite authors is D.H Lawrence who happens to be Nottingham born (Eastwood to be precise). If you have ever read Sons and Lovers then you can see how influenced he was in his writing with his child hood in Nottingham.

He was born 11th September 1885, which bizarrely is almost exactly 100 years before I was born (my Birthday being 9th August 1985!)

In Eastwood there is a heritage center and a museum, which is what we visited yesterday.

The museum is the house that Lawrence was born in and lived in until he was two. In fact this is a photo of the specific room that he was born in.

This kitchen is set out like it was to and reminds me strongly of my Grandma’s kitchen in her old Victorian school house.

The heritage center wasn’t just placs where you spent all your time reading it had little displays like the one below. Eastwood was a mining town and Lawrence’s dad was a minor.

He went to Nottingham High school, which is still around today (I did a G.C.S.E. in Psychology there) so there was a bit fashioned as a school.

And a bit like a fair he used to go to near by

All in all it was very interesting. It only cost £5.00 each and that covered both the places (they are only a five minute walk away from each other up a hill). You had a tour guide around the house as well as a ten minute video and a look around some artifacts such as the original edition of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Well worth a visit.

Lucy’s Books

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