Poem’s Revisited (Ode to Husband)

This poem is an old one but it came about after a conversation with by husband. Husband is supportive of my writing but actually doesn’t like poetry (I know scandalous!). He feels that a poem is not a poem unless it rhymes, (obviously I don’t write poetry that rhymes) so this poem is in consequence of that (for the record he did find it funny). This is probably the worst poem I have ever written but it does make me smile every time I read it!


Once upon a time

You asked me to write a rhyme,

That was happy, not sad

Joyful and not mad


That is how I came to be

Sitting here with Just me

Writing this verse for you

While you are sitting on the loo!


Because I love you the most,

(And I like to boast!)

I wanted to prove to you that I would,

And could,


Write a couple of lines

Or maybe even nine!

That show I can rhyme,

Pretty mighty fine!


I have no idea where this poem is going

Other than showing

That I must love you more

(I think this evens the score)


I’m owed five stars

And possibly a trip to Mars!

So now I will finish this

Before you start taking the piss!


By Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (Vanishing)

One little lie turned into many,

And I know some hurt you more than others,

Some might say I chose wrong,

Maybe you would say that to.

To take a child away from her Mother,

Isn’t an easy decision to make,

Even if you are the Father.

I have never stopped loving her,

But I stopped liking her, I loved you more.

I probably shouldn’t of said she was dead,

I didn’t have a choice though,

I knew she would come looking for us.

I couldn’t stand for you to watch me clean her sick up again,

For you to make your own breakfast while she was snoring again,

For you to end up in hospital injured again.

Some might say I chose wrong,

Maybe now you know you wouldn’t say the same.


By Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (The Past)

Whatever this place was,

I can see it,

Ladies in intricate gowns,

Their waists pulled in waspishly.

I can even smell the must,

Of a long forgotten era,

The waft of food from the kitchen,

Mingled with the sweat from the near by stables.

I can hear it to,

The shouting of a man for a servant,

The joyful chattering of children,

The bark of a bouncing dog.

I can touch the stone walls,

It crumbles under my fingers,

Small grains tumbling over my shoes.

I slowly open my eyes

And it is all gone, I am back to reality,

The past temporarily  forgotten again.


By Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (Spinalonger)

You were forced to leave,

Away from everything you loved,

To this God forsaken island.

Your home waving from across the water,

The harsh sun beating down painfully,

Scorching the dust under your flimsy shoes.

Salty tears rolling down your cheek,

As you watch forlornly after the retreating boat.

Standing with your small suitcase in your hand,

A man with a grotesquely disfigured face,

Comes to help to take you away,

What are you to do now?


By Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (The Great Gatsby)

The past cannot ever be revisited,

The way things were can never be repeated,

No matter how much paper is in your wallet,

You won’t be able to win her heart back.

Surrounding yourself with the materials she used to love,

Inviting all the people she cares the most about,

Throwing the biggest parties the city has ever heard of,

Won’t make her stay any longer than is fun for her.

The wealthy always like to have their pleasure,

So long as nothing else is asked of them,

Don’t ask for commitment or take away the spontaneity

Otherwise you will never see them run any faster,

Before you know it, you will be on your own again.


By Lucy Williams

p.s. a version of this poem with many other poem’s  is available to buy off Amazon in my book Scribblings of an idle mind

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Lucy’s Diary (17/07/14)

One sort of good thing about being sofa bound is the fact I can catch up with some of my million to read books. I have been making good inroads into the mountainous pile over the last three weeks off. Below are the books I have got/getting through so far;

  1. Colette Mcbeth- Precious thing. This book was one freaky story! It took you along thinking one person was a fruit loop then took you in a completely different direction and you became fully aware of who the fruit loop was! The book follows two school friends; Rachel was the unpopular, unpretty one whereas her friend, Clara has everything going for her. Fast forward a few years and it has all swapped around. But then Clara disappears and nothing turns out how it seems with dire consequences. A thrill of a book.
  2. Jodi Picoult- The tenth circle. I am a huge fan of Jodi but I don’t think this is one of her best. It follows Daniel Stone from when he was the only white kid growing up in an Eskimo village and then joins up with him again as an adult with a wife and a teenage daughter (Trixie). His life working at home as a comic book artist and dad to Trixie looks like it is everything he could of dreamed of. But then his world is turned up side down when  sweet and innocent Trixie goes to a party and comes back saying she has been raped. Has his marriage also been what he first thought? This book uses comic book strips to help tell the story as well, which I found to be quite effective.
  3. Marian Keyes- The mystery of mercy close. This book takes on a much more serious note than I am used to dealing with in Marian’s books but that is not a bad thing. Helen Walsh is a private investigator with metal health problems. As usual Marian’s heroine is amazingly funny. I love this because it addresses Mental illness in a really brilliant way. Helen has been employed by her ex-boyfriend to help look for one of his clients. She only takes the job because she has absolutely no money and has ended up living back with her parents. Searching for the missing man takes her right back to where she needs to be but it takes her on a hilarious route to get her there.
  4. John Boyne- This house is haunted. This book actually really freaked me out! I don’t know whether I believe in ghosts or not so I think that might be why! Anyway I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book because the same author wrote The boy in the striped pajamas, which was amazing but most certainly not a ghost story. The story is set in 1867 and follows Eliza Caine who moves away from London after her dad dies and goes to work in Norfolk as a governess for Isabella and Eustuce. It rapidly becomes clear that not everything about this new job or the house is what it seems and tests Eliza to the extreme. Just when my nerves had collected he hit me with the end word!
  5. Charles Dickens- The pickwick papers. I am still reading this book, the first written by Dickens. With 700 odd pages I think it will keep me going for a while!


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Lucy’s Diary (16/07/14)

Well since I am spending my third week sitting on the sofa my day’s have not been overly interesting BUT resting is something I am really, really bad at. Like really bad.

My sister rescued me again today from poking needles into my eyes by arriving with a little picnic : ) the weather wasn’t nice enough to have it in the garden and not sure my back could of put up with sitting on the ground anyway so we had an indoor one.

Photo: My sister brought round a little picnic : )

I have been spoilt  by people bringing me flowers. The Husband has given me a bunch and the Husbands Parents came round yesterday evening with a pink bunch to.

Photo: Flowers from my husband : )

Photo: Flowers from the inlaws : )

I have also been visited by my sisters slightly mad cat, while my sister has been at work me and Evie have been keeping each other company.




I did manage a brief sit in the garden on a chair one afternoon, we have some lovely flowers this year (and a caterpillar!).



And last but not least a photo out of our bedroom window tonight after the rain.

Photo: Rainbow!

By Lucy Williams

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Lucy’s Diary

I have an excuse for not posting on here much recently, I promise it’s a reasonably good one to.

I have been leading a very boring life this past three weeks and it all started with a hoover! Admittedly I was throwing it about a bit but still. In short I hurt my back but it wasn’t too bad so naturally I carried on at work for a week but then it got worse and I got spams in my back so couldn’t even roll over without shouting out in pain. So reluctantly I thought it may be time to go to the doctors.

Apart from to get an appointment to see anyone is practically impossible. I was prescribed over the phone with baclofen, co- codadamol and ibroprofen. A week later and nothing has happened so I dutifully phone the doctors again (guess what, done over the phone again!) and get a sick note for another week off work and my painkillers are replaced with Naproxen.

My back starts to improve and I think yes, back at work next week (not that I particularly like my job buts its better than being bored). Ha, I spoke too soon. Waking up at half two in the morning by a horrendous stabbing pain in my heart area through to my shoulder and my arm feel numb. First thought, oh my god I am having a heart attack, second thought, why would I be having a heart attack? I’m not obese, I don’t smoke or drink, I don’t have diabetes and there are no heart problems in my family.

Poke, poke, husband wake up! Very oddly his head shoots up “what’s happened!” call 111!! which isn’t as dramatic as it sounds as if you are in the U.K then you will know that this is NHS direct not for emergencies. To cut a long story slightly shorter at 4:00 am we were travelling to the out of hours doctor where I was hooked up to an ECG machine and getting ushered in to the most disheveled doctor I have ever seen. I realize he was probably on call but he didn’t even brush his hair or tie his shoe laces!

Anyway my little ticker is fine and it is probably the Naproxen side effects. So have now got this other thing to stop the symptoms of that but it is taking a while for the Naproxen to get out my system. This disheveled doctor wanted me to goo for x-rays but me and another doctor I saw yesterday disagree. When I was 13 I had an MRI scan and various back scans to see if I had a curvature of the spine, I don’t, all was well. I have had no fall etc since then so I assume that my spine hasn’t just walked off all by it’s self and settled down in another position.

Well I now have this next week off work and if it wasn’t for my sister coming to keep me company most days as well as her cat, my bird, the husband, another friend and my parents ringing me plus reading a hell of a lot of books and watching a few films I probably would of gone mad by now!

So that is my excuse for my tardiness, trust me the chair in front of the computer is just not comfy at the best of times. Although I do now have a new desk : ) and  a printer : )

Hope every one else is doing good and having a fantastic week xxx

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A Clown (Poem)

Inspired by all those football looking wives!


Foundation an inch thick,

Mascara so heavy my eyes droop,

Painted into a smile red lips the color of traffic lights

That way no one can see me frown.

Clothes carefully picked out,

All the way from my boob tube top down to my four inch heels.

My barbie doll pink nails setting off my orange skin

I’m ready, like a clown preparing  to perform.


Lucy Williams

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Crown Of Flowers (Poem)

Carefully touching her crown of flowers,

Waves of golden hair falling to her waist,

You slowly bring down your arm.

The white strap of your dress falls over a tanned shoulder,

Suns hot rays glinting off the field of rape seed oil surrounding you.

Gathering up the hem of your wedding dress up,

You purposefully start moving forward

This is it.

The beginning of everything.

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