Me Getting A Little Bit Crafty!

This is something I have put together using a photo I took in Whitby a few years back and then doing a bit of doodling using part of a poem I wrote (The Sea). I was quite pleased so have put it up on my wall and now a friend has asked if she can have one to : )Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (Egg On A Wall)

This is me sitting on a wall

Who will catch me if I fall?

I’ll break my leg and break my back

But all you’ll do

Is sit and laugh


Lucy Williams

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Robin Red Breast (A Poem)

That little splash of red

In a fluffy blanket of white

Brings color to the naked bushes

It chooses to shelter from winters harsh winds

Leaving its small claw prints

Behind it as it hops about

Flicking up flakes of snow

With his beak looking for seeds

Tiny Robin red breast brightens up the dullest day.


Lucy Williams

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Bullying Has A Lasting Effect

Unfortunately this is true. Even though I am mostly fine now by need for being in control of myself at all times. My dislike of situations I can’t get of still triggers my depression and my weird view of my weight and body all stem from being being bullied.

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Lucy On Amazon

Below are the links to my e-books on Amazon : ) they are only 75p each so download your copy now and make one little lady very happy : D. If you have already got my book please rate and tell me what you think on the amazon page.



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My Restless Mind

My Restless Mind

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Poem’s Revisited (Fading)


I am still here.

I think.

I linger in the doorway,

I must be fading fast.

Maybe if I blink they will know I am here.

He is looking straight through me

Is that you?



Lucy Williams

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Newstead Abbey 04/14 (Photography)

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Poem’s Revisited (The Wildflower)

The wild flower sways,

Bending in the breeze,

Curling it’s stalk to kiss the grass,

Splaying it’s petals attractively


The wild flower sits,

Where a rare human eye might glance

But not understand it’s simple beauty,

Being at one with the bees and the butterfly’s


The wild flower blooms,

Amongst the wispy grasses of spring,

Shining all through the summer,

The proof of natures craft.


Lucy Williams

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Poem’s Revisited (Through The Keyhole)

The locked door, a flimsy barier

Keeping their secrets safe within

Not knowing I am still here,

Watching through the keyhole


I see her sitting silently,

Curled up in a comfy chair,

A book in her hand,

Lost in a world better than her own


He comes in, ready for a fight,

Stumbling into the room,

Falling over his own big feet,

Knocking the book out of her hand


The sound of his hand hitting her face revolts me

She offers no protection but he doesn’t care

He knows she won’t try and stop him anymore

Then there is a chilling silence.


I stand up smiling, ringing the door bell

There is help almost here

She knew but he didn’t, that I,

Was standing here watching through the keyhole.


Lucy Williams


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Poem’s Revisited (Reading)

Opening the cover of a new book,

The smell wafting up your nose,

You breathe in the dusty newness.

Black ink leaking from the pages,

The words flowing into your eyes

And they touch your soul,

Broadening your horizons,

Changing your belief systems,

Now you know how amazing the world really is.


Lucy Williams

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