Those Are The Times I Love You The Most (New Poem)

Those lazy Sunday’s sprawled out on the sofa,

My legs resting on yours, while we watch random t.v,

Sticking my foot in your face to make sure you know I am still there

The patience you have every time I do that!

Or those minutes before we got to sleep

Putting the world we live in to rights,

Tickling you when you tease me,

Laughing each other to sleep.

Or the walks we go on hand in hand,

You uncomplainingly having to stop every two minutes for me to take photo’s,

Making plans for our near and far future

So comfortable with each other we don’t always talk,

Those are the times I love you the most.

By Lucy Williams

Lucy’s Diary (10/09/14)

Over the last couple of days there have been many Birthday celebrations happening. The first was on Sunday for our friend’s Birthday.

This is me and my sister all ready to go out to meet our friend for his Birthday.

We went to Annie’s burger shack in the lace market part of Nottingham city center. It is very popular but we had to wait for an hour for our food to arrive! and that was with pre-booking a table in advance. It was £9.50 for most of the burgers although some were even more. They came with either salad/wedges/fries or curly fries.

All the burgers they do are also done in a vegetarian option, which was brilliant for me and the sister. The burger was very tasty (should be for that amount of hassle) but it was far to big. Only two out of our group of eleven ate the whole plate full (I was not one of them!).

The second Birthday celebration was yesterday and it was my Husbands Birthday. We went to the Ferry boat in Stoke bardolph with his parents and brother. This is the view from our table. There is a very nice walk along the Trent from the pub to that we have done several times. They do many deals such as two meals for £10.00. I had an all day vegetarian breakfast. The husband had a hot dog, which was as long as his forearm!

We also had cake, brought by husbands Mum, it was scrummmy : )

Lucy’s Diary (09/09/14)

As promised in yesterday’s post, the black and white images I took.

Because all the kids have gone back to school the seaside resort is pretty much empty, which meant I could take the next pics. There is something really freaky and apocalypse esk about an empty fair ground.


These images were of a disused building next to one of the parks. Normally you can’t get anywhere near buildings like this but luckily this one you could.

Lucy’s Diary (08/09/14)

It has been quite a busy couple of days but I am going to start with today. 

Me and the husband went to the nearest sea side town from Nottingham (about two hours away) called Skegness or Skegvegas if your from Nottingham!

All the kids have gone back to school (YAY!) so now we can get around places without being swamped by screaming kids and their equally noisy parents. And there are less people to ruin my pics (anti- social me? NEVER!)  

I also took some black and white photo’s but I will share them in a different post.