Lucy’s Diary (16/10/14)

I have just filmed this short vlog for my new book, Haunted. As you probably can tell in the video I am very excited about it!

In other news, from today it has been five years since me and my husband brought our little house : ) on a serious note though what the hell was I doing buying a house with a man when I was 24! Ah well it all ended well (but what a risk!). The top photo is of us moving in, so glad we got rid of that hideous yellow paper! The bottom photo is of me and my sister, who for the last two years has been renting the house next door to us. Good job we all get on!

Untitled 6 (A Poem)

My feelings about you,

They still shock me sometimes

I’ll see a glimpse of your face

And all those old memories come flooding back

With the good also comes the anger of the injustice

How come life treats you so well?

Despite everything you did,

Why is your life so charmed?

Maybe you were right all those years ago,

Maybe I’m not the good person I should be.

Haunted (Books)

My book, Haunted is now available in paperback!! For the first time I am publishing two of my short stories along with the poetry. All the material in this book are about my experiences with depression, when I was younger and now. Quite a few were written when I was at my worst. I write about suicide and self harm, so some people may find it upsetting.

Lucy on Sexual Bullying (vlog)

What is sexual bullying

Sexual bullying is a serious issue that needs to be tackled. Sexual bullying includes a wide range of behaviour from name calling to physical sexual assault. It is as serious as racism and needs to be treated as such by parents, teachers and society in general.

sexualised bullying

In extreme cases prejudice-motivated bullying and harassment can also be considered a hate crime. You can read the Home Office definition of a hate crime here, which includes a crime motivated by sexual orientation.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) defines sexism as, “Behaviour, language or prejudice, which expresses institutionalised, systematic and comprehensive discrimination. It is based on a stereotypical view of masculine and feminine roles. Sexism limits the options of women and girls and can lead to discrimination or less favourable treatment. It is learned behaviour, however, and can therefore be ‘unlearned’”. (NUT, Policy Statement on Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bullying, 2007,

Examples of sexist incidents include:

  • Abusive, sexualised name calling

  • Unwelcome looks and comments about someone’s appearance or attractiveness; either face to face or to others

  • Spreading rumours of a sexual nature

  • Inappropriate and uninvited touching

  • Inappropriate sexual innuendo and/or proposition

  • Graffiti with sexual content

  • Display/circulation of inappropriate material of a sexual nature

  • Badges or clothing depicting inappropriate sexual innuendo or language

  • In its most extreme form, sexual assault or rape

There is evidence that sexual bullying is increasing and it is linked to domestic violence and other gender-based violence such as rape and sexual assault. For example, the Youth Justice Board has reported a 20% rise in the number of children being given court orders and warnings for sex offences, up from 1,664 in 2002/3 to 1,988 in 2006.

A survey in 2005 by the teenage girls’ magazine ‘Sugar’ (in partnership with the NSPCC) polled nearly 2000 young women and found that 1 in 6 had been hit by their boyfriends. Generally, this survey revealed an abusive undercurrent to much of the girls’ early sexual experimentation. Another ‘Sugar’/NSPCC readers’ poll in 2006 revealed that nearly half (45%) of teenage girls surveyed had been groped against their wishes. 56% of unwanted sexual experiences occurred for the first time when girls were under 14. 51% of unwanted sexual experiences occurred more than once and left girls feeling dirty (47%), ashamed/guilty (39%), worried/insecure (36%), angry (34%), powerless (30%), and frightened (27%). Nationally, the majority of reported rapes are from under 18’s; in London this accounts for nearly half of all reported rapes. (Making the Grade, 2006)

What these statistics appear to show is that the increasing sexualisation of society can be confusing to young people who are unsure about what is acceptable in sexual activity or how far is ‘too far’.

Sexual bullying can undermine someone’s dignity and safety as well as affect their emotional wellbeing and lead to depression, isolation, eating disorders and self-harming.

Family Lives runs TeenBoundaries workshops for schools and youth groups to prevent sexual bullying, peer on peer sexual exploitation  and promotes positive gender relationships by challenging attitudes and promoting tolerance, understanding and cohesion between young people. Find out more about TeenBoundaries.

Lucy’s Diary (04/10/14)

Last night me, my husband and a couple of friends went to the famous Goose fair in Nottingham. I haven’t been for years and it has gotten huuuggggeeeeee. It costs nothing to get into the fair.

There are loads more rides and they are bigger and better then ever before. It is cheaper to go on them in the day. It was £6.00 to go on the ride in the second photo but went up to £8.00 only a few minutes after my friends had paid. One of my friends brought along a load of 50p off vouchers from the local newspaper (Evening post) that could be used on the rides.

I love taking photos of all the lights on the rides, unfortunately I am still camera less so had to use my phone, which I did not buy for it’s amazing camera as you can tell.

My husband reading my book before we go in- My restless mind, which is available off

There are lots of burger places and stalls to but sweets. I got my all time favorite, fudge. The Belgium chocolate one is AMAZING.

I went on this one, I much prefer roller coasters. This one turned out not to be quite as tame as it looked. It cost £3.50  (before voucher) to go on this ride.

Some where up there is my husband and two friends.

My husband and male friend are on this one to.

We went for a drink after before heading home.

Lucy’s Diary (03/10/14)

Today me and the Husband went to Keyworth, Nottingham. It is the village that both of us grew up in and where our parents (and quite a few other members of the Husbands family) still live. Before visiting the family we went for a stroll down Lings lane, which goes through farmland that surrounds Keyworth.

I remember going on bike rides down here when I was a teenager with friends. And both of us remember a school trip to study pond life down here to. I’m sure there was a night walk down here when I was in Guides to.

We are both very lucky to have grown up here, no graffiti or boarded up houses like we have where we live now. And the whole 24 years I lived there I never saw one fire whereas in the five years we have lived in Netherfield I have seen one house, a car and a gate on fire!

We met an elderly couple with this donkey, who is apparently called Jacob. He liked no one but me : ) I got many strokes of that big head of his.

And this is my Husband, believe it or not he is actually 32 years old!

The photo below used to be the pond that was visited on the school trip I mentioned previously. The bench was still there where me and my friends sat after a bike ride.