Lucy’s Diary 16/02/2017

This week I thought I would share with you a couple of bits I am doing this year to help with my anxiety and depression as I know a lot of you guy’s also struggle with this.

Below is Norman my worry eater. I first saw these featured on Marian Keyes vlog over on Twitter and I fell in love with the whole idea. You write down on a bit of paper whatever it is you are worrying about, fold it up and pop it in it’s mouth then zip it up. It is a really simple idea but so effective. Obviously your worries don’t just go away once it has been penned but I find that a little weight has been lifted from my shoulders every time I write one of my worries down and Norman gets munching. After it is full I am planning on just chucking them away without reading them again. You can buy them from Amazon.

This is a memory jar. I can’t remember where exactly where I saw this idea other than it was social media somewhere. Each week throughout the year you write down one good thing that has happened during that week. Sometimes something comes to mind straight away like lunch out with friends or a trip to the cinema but other weeks all you have really done is go to work and clean the house. Doing this though makes you really think about the simple things that make you smile such as you finally got time to sit down and read a really good book or a customer at work was really lovely etc. The idea is that at the end of the year you look at all the great events and things that have happened to you through the year.

Another thing I have been trying is green tea. I drink it with lemon as it takes the edge of the slightly harsh taste the pure green stuff has. A few people say it helps them sleep if they drink it before bed but I personally don’t find it works but I do find it helps tp relax me and also makes me feel less bunged up inside.

I hope you all have a healthy and happy year xxx

Untitled 66

It came for me that night

Lying on my bed arms and legs outstretched, back arched in pain as my mouth formed into a silent scream

I felt it like a blanket with weights fixed in the seams blocking out my sight of the only dim light I could still see as it crushed me

I didn’t try and struggle

I let the pain of it enter my body with tears running down my cheeks.

By Lucy Williams

Poetry 62

I scribbled the words on the frayed edges of yesterday’s newspaper

The rain made the ink stain my fingers as I crossed the street to stand behind you.

I watched as you bought cigarettes from a stall, the hood of your purple coat up against the storm.

I saw the shock I caused when your eyes met mine, I’m so much thinner, so much grayer.

Without a word spoken I gave you the paper and turned away.

I hadn’t gone far when you called my name,

I thought I must be dreaming when you stood on tip toe and kissed me.

By Lucy Williams

Lucy’s Diary 04/02/2017

I mentioned in my last diary post that I have missed taking out my big SLR camera recently so on Monday I took it out on my daily walk with Mollie and with a lot of treats and patience on both of our parts I got some o.k photos. I know I am biased but she really is such a cutie.

Today myself and hubby took Mollie to Netherfield lagoons which is about a five minute walk from our house.


I don’t usually take my camera having been here so often but it was a day of beautiful sunshine after constant rain and cloud all week was an excuse to get the SLR out and about again.


The River Trent.


This small lagoon is my happy place. I came here a lot with Mollie in summer to get some peace and quiet and to remind myself how lucky I am. Don’t you ever  wish that you could turn the sound of the world off sometimes? I don’t know about you but I get sick of the constant rushing, bitching and general nastiness of this world; this place makes me forget all that for a bit.


Luckily Mollie loves it to.


You can see in the background the retail park where I work and the town I live in. The lagoons really are an oasis.


It is a nature reserve so the sound of wildlife getting on with their day is all around you which makes this place even more peaceful.


I hope you are all having a great weekend xxx

Poetry 61

There was a time before you when I was someone else

I used to cry myself to sleep, soaking the pillow with my tears of loneliness

I once thought no one would understand my craziness, the vulnerability of my heart

But one cold winters afternoon with snow piling up on the window frame you showed me how truly beautiful I was and now I will never change.

By Lucy Williams