Lucy’s Diary (19/01/2017

Yesterday we went to the Harry Potter Warner Brother’s studio tour. Both me and hubby are big Harry Potter fans but had never been here before, I can tell you already we will be going again! We were like to excited children squealing and practically jumping up and down waiting to go in. I took about 60 photo’s but don’t worry I am not going to show you them all!

It cost £39.00 per ticket and you have to book the tickets before you go. There is a car park there and it is free to park. It took us two hours from Nottingham to get here.


Getting in was quite a tadoo, you queued up and showed your reference number and I.D at the desk then got in another queue to get your bags checked and scanned with a metal scanner but everything was very organised, the staff were so lovely and you passed through it all quickly.

The studios were guarded by some of the chess pieces that featured in The Chamber Of Secrets.


You then queued up again past Harry Potters cupboard under the stairs and into a room where there was a little introduction by a tour guide and a very short introductory film. At this point we were told the tour is about 3 hours long, which made me and hubby even more excited.

Then we were lead into a small cinema where there was another film with Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe telling us a bit about working on the set and growing up on it and saying thank you to all the crew and behind the scenes people. Then the screen lifted up and revealed the entrance to the Great Hall, below. As you can see there are a lot of people and it was only a Wednesday that is not even in the school holidays.


The tables were kitted out with Christmas dinner and they lit up the Christmas puds. The photo below is from the Hufflepuff end (my hubby’s house) of the table. The yellow and blue costume you can see is the one worn by Robert Pattison of Twilight fame in the Triwizard tournament, he played Cedric Diggory in the fourth Harry Potter film. The opposite end of the table is the Griffindor (my house) section.


The photo below is of the drinks fountain in the fourth film at the Triwizard ball. They had the costumes on mannequins as well and Emma Watson’s was tiny. I know she wasn’t quite an adult yet but still!


The moving staircase complete with paintings (not moving unfortunately lol) and the signs that appeared on the door in the fifth film courtesy of Delores Umbridge.


There appears to be two very familiar people in the mirror of Erised…….


The Griffindor common room.


Dumbledore’s office complete with sorting hat.


These are some of the smaller props including Neville’s Rememberall , the Philosophers Stone and the cup that Harry has to make Dumbledore drink out of to get to the locket.


The potions lab which I thought was pretty impressive in it’s detail.


The burrow complete with knitting and self chopping carrots.


This was pretty freaky especially since they had this scene from the film playing on a screen next to it.


It’s the Hogwarts Express! You could go on it but there was a massive queue and when peeking in the windows it was just a normal steam train carriage which both me and hubby have been on before so we didn’t bother.


This was where they actually filmed the carriage scenes, again, you could join a queue and get your picture taken.


This in the entire railway set with the train on the right, the carriages on the left then behind that is a little shop and behind that are the trolleys going into the wall of platform 9 3/4 that you can also pose with but we did that at the real Piccadilly station in London a couple of years ago.


At this point there is a cafe where you can get lunch and a Butter beer. I thought the butter beer was disgusting but Hubby liked it. It was dandelion and burdock with butterscotch froth on top bleugh. You can take your own lunch there which I recommend as it is very expensive. For a bottle of coke, bottle of water, a burger, soup, chocolate moose and butter beer it cost £22.00.

Then a brief outside bit. The Knight Bus is huuugggeeee, I thought they would of just had a one floor bus and then done the rest with CGI, shows what I know. Again you can stand on the bus and get your photo taken. They also had the wonky bridge out here and Hagrid’s bike and side car that we and hubby did have a photo in and the flying Ford Anglia was also available for photo’s.


Where it all began, there is also a next door to this house both full size houses.


Harry Potters house in Godric’s Hollow complete with hole made by Voldemort, you can see the scale of the thing with me standing in front.


My favorite, Diagan Alley complete with Ollivander’s and Florish and Blotts which did have a complete Gilderoy Lockhart window display. You couldn’t go into any of the shops but Ollivanders does have an individual set, in a moment you will see a photo.


If only these shops were real…..


There were many displays and diagrams that were used in the making of the films that were on display including this huge and intricate model. They also had prosthetic’s including full sized dummies of some of the actors as well as make up and wigs.


And finally Ollivander’s wand shop. There are names on every single wand of all the people who worked on the films including Alan Rickman which you can see in the photo below.


Ollivander’s goes straight into the shop which is also huge. I got a book mark as usual and a set of 5 pin badge’s which cost £7.95 for my camera strap. It cost £13.00 for a mug and Hubby saw a Hufflepuff jumper that cost £75.00!

And finally when we left the sky looked amazing so I had to take a photo.


We felt it was worth the £39.00 each ticket as there was so much to see, if you read all the boards and watch all the videos as well as properly look at every detail you could easily spend a whole day there and I think we will next time we go.

Lucy’s Diary (08/01/2017)

This week has been a bit bleugh for me. I thought I was getting a cold on New Years day but it appears to be some sort of virus thing as the sneezing, sore throat, constantly blowing nose has never happened instead it’s been a cough, extreme tiredness complete with lack of energy and dizziness so I have felt not ill as such but most definitely not well either all week.

Anyway hubby bought me a bunch of roses because I have been feeling so icky. I took a couple of photo’s of them. roses are my favorite flowers.


Today I decided f*** it we are going out! so we went to Calke Abbey. Neither of us have ever been before but we had heard there was some nice walks around the grounds.

It is part of The National Trust which we are members of so it was free entry. There are maps available for the several walks, we took the longest route which was the maroon line and it took an hour to walk but that is an amble with photo’s!


An hour isn’t usually that a long a walk for us so we think another time when I feel better we will do one walk, have tea and cake, then do another one! Unusually for The National Trust the place is pretty dog friendly. They have seating outside and in the old stables (in photo below) for people with dogs so we don’t get wet for a change as well as bowls of water available for them.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Calke Abbey itself is closed until March ish but here is a peek from the other side of the fence. It is known as the “unstately, stately home” The link is below if you would like to find out more about it.


There is always a silver lining so they say and this week is that as I haven’t been well and therefore not eating much I have manged to loose two pounds as well as whatever Christmas weight I put on, wohoo!

I hope you all have a great week xxx