Scribbling’s Of An Idle Mind

Just a little reminder that my book Scribbling’s Of An Idle Mind is now available from Amazon worldwide. The cover below has one of my photographs on, I’m very proud : )

A bit about the book

This collection of 30 poems by Lucy Williams are inspired by everything from her love of Derbyshire to visiting places such as the blue grotto in Italy’s Capri. This book is a 2nd edition. The poems are all newly edited with new poems added such as Luddites and Olde Hallows Eve. Also photography by Lucy Williams accompany each poem.

The link below will take you straight to the Amazon page.

Arbella England’s Lost Queen

A book review of Arbella England’s Lost Queen by Sarah Gristwood.

About the author

After leaving Oxford, Sarah Gristwood worked as a journalist specializing in the arts and women’s issues. A regular contributor to The Times, Guardian, Independent and the Evening Standard, she is the author of one previous book, Recording Angels, a historical study of women’s diaries.

Blurb on the back

Niece to Mary, Queen of Scots, granddaughter to the great Tudor dynast Bess of Hardwick, Lady Arbella Stuart was born and bred in the belief that she would one day inherit her cousin Elizabeth I’s throne. Many at home and abroad anticipated she would be crowned Queen. However Arbella’s fate was to make a forbidden marriage, to die a lonely, squalid death in the Tower and to be written out of history.

Good bits about this book

It was interesting to find out a little bit more about a woman who is only briefly mentioned in books about the Tudors and the Stuarts of which I have read a huge amount of books about.

Bad bits about this book

I think the main reason Arbella is only ever mentioned briefly in history books of this period is because there really isn’t a lot to know about her life. She spent most of it doing nothing at Chatsworth or in the Tower and even then most of the letters she sent have not survived meaning it is mostly guess work. Even though this book was supposed to be about Arbella I felt it was more about Elizabeth Ist, Bess of Hardwick, James Ist and pretty much everybody else apart from Arbella.

My rating

Three out of five stars.

Lucy’s Diary 17/09/2016

Today I got up to early for me on a Saturday to watch my hubby and his family run/walk/fall around an inflatable assault course. I was not amused : D the reason Hubby is looking sulky is because he hates running and is cold : D


It was a 5k course called Gung- Ho at Wollaton Park. As you can see there were quite a lot of people, they had a warm up before hand led by a fitness instructor on a stage then they were set off in stages.


As much as hubby hates running he got over all the obstacles much better then the others in our little team.


There are quite a few obstacles, for me to get from the beginning to the middle I had to run across a field with deer poo all over it with my camera and everyone else stuff, I swear to God I thought I was having a heart attack!


Then I had to dodge poo again while belting back across the same flipping field to get to the end, I’m so unfit it’s shocking!


I also got covered in foam to get these photo’s as the wind was blowing it all everywhere. I had fun can you tell?


Snowing in September…..I hate snow……


Well I am sooooo glad they enjoyed themselves anyway lol


All in all though it was O.K and was quite amusing in places plus one of the marshal’s let me in a cornered off bit so I was close to one of the obstacles : ) It was hard taking half decent photo’s of the event as there were so many people trying to get the people you want without obstruction is really difficult plus the weather was grey and cold which meant the photo’s were coming out also grey and cold.

Afterwards we went to Mcdonald’s where they put on all the calories they just lost and I put on all the calories ¬†I hadn’t lost even with running like a woman possessed across fields.

They all did really well and I am really proud of them because not everyone can do this sort of thing and lets face it I certainly won’t be doing anything even close this…….EVER!