Lucy’s Diary 16/10/2016

The photo’s below are actually from last Sunday when me and hubby with Mollie met my parents at Ruddington Park before going round to their house and hubby’s parents house who live in the same village.

There is a doggy assault course that we took Mollie around but she wasn’t very good!  The retriever isn’t ours but thought it looked like fun so joined in for a bit.


When me and my sister were kids below was basically our life lol getting dragged round parks and standing for most of it waiting for Mum and Dad to look at birds, nothing has changed : D of course now though they also have to wait while I take photo’s : )


Back at the parents house I took some photo’s of a few of the flowers in their back garden. Dad loves gardening so their garden always looks really lovely.


Yesterday we went for a walk near Stoke Bardolph. I didn’t like most of the photo’s I took but here is a couple that have passed my inspection.


The cows came to say hello, there was a fence between us and them as we had Mollie and I’m pretty sure cows and dogs won’t mix even if she is on the lead so we turned back.


Today we went to Colwick Park and it was actually sunny. I have shared my walk on Instagram if you want to go check it out. Also I now have over 1000 followers on Instagram which is just amazing : ) so thank you to all of you that also follow we on there and if you are not already following me, where are you at?? : )