Lucy’s Diary (30/08/15)

Little Mollie is getting more and more confident as the days/weeks we have her go on. She now happily runs after balls (they have to squeak) and comes back with them (most of the time).

She is more feisty and loves playing tug with the husband and even has a little growl!

We can’t take her anywhere without people stopping and saying “she is so cute” and giving her s stroke etc we take her to this football field most evenings to play catch…..

And have a run about (keeps the husband fit anyway!)

She is still getting car sick. We have only been taking her on small journeys and only once a week but it is still happening. We are not giving her the anti-anxiety dog tablets anymore but honey and water. A woman who breeds Jack Russell’s says that this works the best for car sickness. We are also putting her in the foot well of the car and so far that seems to be working. Not going to be trying a long journey yet though.