Lucy’s Diary (The Milk Race)

Yesterday I went to my first cycling race. It was the Nottingham Milk Race, it is only the third year it has re- started. My husband and his dad both love cycling and participate as well as watch.

I have never taken photo’s of a sports event EVER so this was very much a practice run. Having said that I am quite pleased with the results. I took so many photo’s that even with deleting loads I still have 95, but don’t worry I am not going to bore you with all of them!

At 2:00pm the women’s race started. Knowing the city inside and out probably helped with the viewing aspect as we wandered around the whole of the track.

Since I don’t follow any sports I had no idea who anyone was but the husband has given me the names of the winners for those of you who do follow.

This was the winner, who I have actually heard of so she must be pretty well known! Laura Trott.

At 4:00pm is when the men’s race started. They go so unbelievably fast it’s madness.

It was neck and neck between these two for at least half of the race

In the end third place went to Ed Clancy……….

Second place went to Andy Tennant…….

And first place went to Christian Hause…….

The winners took the time to sign things and have photo’s taken.

Lucy’s Diary (25/05/15)

O.K I am a tad late with my weekly diary entry but better late than never!

On the Sunday morning we got up way to early to try and get rid of some of our clutter from the house (and a few remaining wedding bits) at the local car boot in Colwick. It costs £8.00 to have a stall. It was pretty slow going on this occasion but we made more than our entrance fee and got rid of some junk so alls good : )

The husband wanted to do some holiday clothes shopping on the Monday so we went into Nottingham city center. He managed to get everything he needed but even though I was not supposed to be getting anything, I some how came out with these…..

As I mentioned in this weeks posts we went to the lake district for our one year wedding anniversary. I won’t talk much about it on this post but if you want to see the photo’s I have four posts on it in the section Lucy’s Travels on my main page. We got these lovely cards from family and friends. There were even more waiting for us when we got home.

We were so lucky to get married in this beautiful place. This is us standing at the alter, we couldn’t have asked for a more amazing day. This past year has gone so quickly.

For a book lover like me, I couldn’t leave Beatrix Potter’s house empty handed…..

We have had a fantastic week off work, roll on our next holiday!

The Wishing Tree

Sitting crossed legged by the wishing tree, I’m mesmerized

So many coins of all shapes and sizes wedged into it’s cracks

Holding tight onto somebody’s dreams

I close my eyes as my lips soundlessly form the words

The surrounding wood seemingly whisper their response

Opening my eyes I gently unfold myself

Kissing my penny, for extra measure, before nudging it into place

Tripping happily back down the leafy path I pass an old man with a stick

I watch him as he leans against the wishing tree,

Eyes closed and tears wetting his shrunken cheeks,

I hope his wish comes true.

Steam Train

A change of scene is always good to stir the imagination and the inspiration for a writer : ) This is the first poem that I have written about my trip to the Lake District.

Excitedly waiting, jumping up and down to keep warm on this frosty winter morning

Muffled up to the eyes in scarf’s, hat’s and gloves

A slit of space is all that is needed to see the rhubarb and custard steam train

A slow chug chug starts up,

A huge billow of grey and white smoke shoots into the icy air

The remaining passengers on the platform are lost in the smog

Holding on to the edge of the iron bridge, we lean out as far as we can stretch

A man in blue overalls and a flat cap waves at us from the engine room

With a choo choo the train gradually moves off

With one last blast we are surronded in a dense fog

Cheering we fling ourselves over the opposite side of the bridge,

Waving as the train disappears into the black hole of a stone tunnel

As the final dregs of smoke evaporate, we are three happy,smiling children covered head to toe in black soot.

Lucy’s Travels (Lake District 4)

Day three (yesterday) we visited the beach at Ullverston and then on to Kendal.


Another great big hill!! I’m out of breath thinking about it.

This is Kendal castle. It is free to roam around as it’s just ruins but as you can see the views are brilliant to. The castle was built in 1200 (That’s a looooonnnnnggggggg time before America was discovered ; )

If you want to see England at it’s best and most traditional then the Lake District is where you need to go. Four years ago we went to Keswick and lake Derwent and I have to admit I preferred that lake to this one but the lake district is just such a beautiful area wherever you go.

Lucy’s Travels (Lake District 3)

From the boat back we traveled by car to Ambleside. Now it is a little confusing because there is a tiny place just ten minute walk away from Ambleside called Ambleside. So we ended up in the small place first but glad we did as there was a small harbor and a little tea shop.

We then walked to actual Ambleside.

And walked up a big hill in a wood to visit the waterfalls (I am really, really unfit!) The bit on the road is o.k but when you get on the woodland paths it is muddy and slippy (I had wellies on).

The biggest waterfall is 70ft high. Honestly my heart was hammering, my husbands on the other hand was normal as he is a fitness fanatic.

We didn’t notice this on the way up. All the coins in the tree stump look like they have been there for years as the tree has grown round them.

Lucy’s Travels (Lake District 2)

I am going to split day two into two because we did a lot. First of all we got a boat from Bowness along lake Wyndermere. The first boat left at 10:30, which was the one we were on. It cost £15.50 each for the boat trip there and back and the train there and back.

I absolutely loved the traditional steam train (I’ve never been on one before) the platform it terminated at was also amazing for photos.

There is a cafe and souvenir shop, a motor museum and three owls!

I stood on the top of the bridge and got covered in soot as it chuffed under : /

Our boat for the journey back was much nicer.