Lucy’s Diary 29/07/16

Last Saturday was another nice day so we headed into Derbyshire to Darley Abbey.

There is limited parking as the village is small but it is free.

There are gardens there including a butterfly garden which basically meant lots of Hydrangeas. They look very pretty but it got a bit boring after a while looking at the same thing.


But they do make nice pictures……


There was a cafe there which is always very important when you are me and hubby so naturally we stopped to have cake and tea…….and maybe an ice cream later.


There is play area for the kiddiewinks and big spaces for them and the furry kids to run around in.


Also if you are British then it will be important to know that there is also a pub…….that used to be a church, naturally, right next to this place.


There were teenagers jumping from the bridge into this despite the signs warning people not to, rather them than me!


This is the old mill, there is a one way bridge from the mill over the river to where I am standing in the village.


I went to the hairdressers this afternoon. Two years ago I went from my natural blonde to brown but two years is a while and I had got bored again so now I am red : ) I love it.

This week, well since Wednesday anyway, I have been feeling ill with depression. I was in tears on Wednesday, sigh, but lil sis was on hand as we work together. I find sleep and pretending the world doesn’t exist works best for me, oh and chocolate which the lil sis also supplied in the form of Maltesers : ) Anyway feeling better than I was now and looking forward to my weekend off!

Hope you have all had a fabulous week xxx

Untitled 33

Pushing paper clips around her desk again,

Stacking then unstacking  piles of paper again is when she dreams more.

Running headlong into the rain without an umbrella again,

Jostled on the right hand side of the escalator while suit boys run up the left again is when she dreams more.

Squashed against an overweight lecherous man and a woman who possibly has the plague again,

Trying to avoid the chuggers who prowl on your  street again is when she dreams more.

When the alarm rings as 6:00 am again

And there are no clean mugs again is when she dreams of this nightmare eventually ending.

By Lucy Williams


Untitled 32

Holding a rusted cage full of pure white doves she walked bare footed through the naked trees, kicking up dead leaves and twigs as she goes.

Eyes closed she feels the wind on her face and it makes her white dress whip around her ankles and hugs we waist.

Slowly and blindly she opened the squeaky hinges of the cage listening to the birds flapping wings.

But when she opens her eyes only paper birds were flying around her.

By Lucy Williams

Poetry 34

That door over there,

The one with the chewing gum stuck to it is where I sat all night.

With panda eyes, smudged red lipstick and a smoke I stared at the black graffiti swirls on the side of a bordered up shop opposite.

I clutched my heart with bitten down fingernails to see if I could feel you still

But that love just wasn’t there anymore no matter how much I tried.

By Lucy Williams