Lucy’s Diary 21/04/2017

Writing Part One

I am not talking random poetry writing I’m talking about actual book writing. I currently have two books out on Amazon, Behind The Silence and Scribbling’s Of An Idle Mind. I would have more except I am so undisciplined with my writing it is ridiculous.

I am unfortunately not one of those people who makes sure I sit down every day and stick to a already decided word count and I don’t ever have a clear plan written down neatly in a notebook with plot and characters all worked out.

I am more of a ooooooohhhh quick quick I have an idea! frantic typing, run out of inspiration, many days, weeks pass by, more frantic typing, run out of inspiration……..you get the idea.

My books are all planned in my head. I turn myself into the main character/s and be that character/s in my head for the entire time I am writing the book, which with my writing discipline can be a very long time! Every time I have a moment to myself or listen to music or out walking the dog or before I got to sleep at night I am her, or rather in this case, him.

I tend to have certain songs/films/programme’s that inspire me to write, those songs change depending on what type of book I am writing and bizarrely have nothing to do with the actual subject I am writing about. This way of working is why I am probably better off being an Indie Author and not an old fashioned book deal writer. Being an Indie Author is also good because I like writing about completely different subjects for example;

Behind The Silence is an autobiography set between when I was 11 years old until I was 16 while I was being bullied at school. I use writing in the form of diary entries intermingled with poetry to tell the story.

Whereas Scribbling’s Of An Idle Mind is a poetry book with photographs also taken by me showing what inspired me to write the poem.

And I am now, in a haphazard way, writing A Restless Heart which is an unconventional love story written from both peoples perspectives. Which also means I am listening to The Greatest and Cheap Thrills by Sia as well as Blue Jeans and Gods and Monsters by Lana Del Rae depending which section I am working on, a lot! and I don’t even dare to think how many times I have watched Boy’s and The Way He Looks.

I love writing and would love to earn a living from it but it is not the be all and end all for me, I have a good and busy life so really just want to enjoy the process of writing. I worry that a book deal would mean too much pressure which would take the enjoyment out of it.


By Lucy Williams



Lucy’s Diary 19/04/2017

Dog Mother Part Three

I am not a morning person, I am a night person. If left to my own devices I feel 11:00 am is an appropriate time to emerge from under the duvet so you can guess my horror at an 8:30 am alarm call……..on a Saturday! oh the cruelty! and I only had myself to blame.

The reason for this torture was that at some point a few weeks back, probably after I had had a lie in and there for was feeling sprightly, I decided it was a good idea to go to a dog show. When I say dog show I am not exactly talking Crufts.

Our little terror, I mean terrier, is a rescue dog from Babbington dog rescue in Derbyshire. Said Rescue center hosts fun dog shows to help raise money for the place with categories like Prettiest Bitch, Best Dog, Waggiest Tail, Best Rescue and in this particular one Best Fancy dress.

It costs  £1.00 for each category and we put Mollie in for three; Prettiest Bitch, Best Rescue and Waggiest Tail. All the participants stand in a circle and two or three people come up to you and your dog, ask it’s name, how old etc.

While we are waiting for the classes to start we have a go at the tombola and manage to win three prizes for Mollie out of ten tickets, hooray, donate some money to a doggy that needs a big operation and I buy a cupcake that is decorated slightly unnervingly like a dogs face. We also go and look at the other dogs still in kennels waiting for a forever home, I wish I could take them all.

While I am waiting for hubby to go to the loo me and Mollie manage to make a woman cry, this sort of thing happens to me alarmingly often, because she reminds this woman of her own dog that has just died so asks if she can stroke her, and starts crying. Crying woman has gone by the time hubby emerges from the toilet.

Now it is time for the competition to start. Me and hubby always try to guess who will be in the top four as they are the ones that get certificates, hubby was very disappointed that we didn’t get rosettes this time. Obviously the size of each class increases or decreases your chances to, we are not competitive honestly!

So we stand there in the cold too early on a Saturday morning with me shivering and yawning, Mollie up to her shoulders in wet grass and me whispering encouragement into her black spotty ears, checking she has been practicing her tail wags etc

First up  is Prettiest Bitch, begrudgingly me and hubby acknowledge that there are some really quite pretty dogs standing in the circle, three to be exact as our pooch came 4th so we got a certificate and we tell Mollie that she is the prettiest to us no matter what anyone else says : D

Second up is Best Rescue and this one has loads of dogs partaking, unsurprisingly, our hopes are not high although one of the woman judging seems to take a shine to her. Our Mollie comes 3rd, yay, we are proud owners of a second certificate.

The third is waggiest tail and is Mollies forte, it was her best last time we did a competition but again the class is pretty big. The little black wire haired terrier next to us is a little on the unenthusiastic scale at 0 but there is some serious tail wagging going on elsewhere. The judge comes up to us and Mollie is like oooohhhh PERSON!!! wag, wag, wag, wag. Everyone else in the circle starts cooing, we have a smug moment.

Major discussions are going on between the judges, two people nearest to us think that we, I mean Mollie, should win. We wait with bated breath…………4th place is not us……….3rd place is not us………….2nd place is still not us………..this is not looking good………..but……….1st place IS US!! judge is coming over with certificate and a toy, Mollie is like oooooooohhhhh PERSON!!! wag, wag, wag, wag. Everyone else in circle laughs and coos.

Jokes apart I wouldn’t actually put Mollie into competitions if it wasn’t for the fact it is for a great cause and it is not in the least competitive. She is my first ever dog so I never realized before the community around being a dog owner. Like at the last show we went to everyone was very friendly and it was great chatting to new people about an interest you both have as well as getting to pet all the other really cute dogs. And since getting a rescue dog I am a huge convert to adopting and not shopping for a little furry friend, they make lovely affectionate pets, if only I could have them all!

By Lucy Williams


Lucy’s Diary 16/04/2017


Happy Easter everyone!

Easter is my favorite holiday for several reasons;

  1. A lot of chocolate is involved especially Cadbury’s Cream Eggs, yum.
  2. Easter Sunday is one of only two days where the shops are closed and as I work in one this is excellent news.
  3. You are not required to max out your credit cards on presents for people you never see the rest of the year and that said people don’t actually want.
  4. It means spring is well and truly here and the glorious warm days of summer are just round the corner which makes me happy : )
  5. Easter doesn’t go on for half as long as the build up to Christmas does.

Religion might be dying out but so long as money can be made from it’s holidays it will always be celebrated. Like all holidays ranging from Valentines day to the worst, Christmas, it is all highly commercialized trying to get us to part with as much money as humanly possible and I can’t be bothered with that crap.

Of course I do accept chocolate eggs after all it is only polite : D and I send a card to my Gran because she always used to send us one though I avoid any religious nonsense emblazoned on the front. I feel most of us probably celebrate the religious holidays out of habit anyway as I know no one who goes to church ever, unless you count funerals, let alone at Easter or Christmas that are supposed to be of the most importance.

Two of our friends who are Russian and Lithuanian don’t swap chocolate eggs but paint hard boiled eggs instead which I think is a much nicer idea, even if I am a chocoholic, especially if you have children as it could be a family activity and then they can be displayed in the house afterwards.

In the end that is what holidays are to me, it is an opportunity to spend time with those people that are the most important to you, and those relatives you only see once a year are not the ones you should worrying about but those the rest of the year you actually put the effort in to see and they put the effort in to see you.

In the end whether you go all out for Easter for religious or none religious reasons  or are like me and only in it for the chocolate coma I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with your families and friends.

By Lucy Williams


Lucy’s Diary 14/04/2017

Beauty Part Two

It occurred to me the other day, while sitting in the hairdressers waiting for my hair to be assaulted by luminous gloop,  how funny it is that I spend about £60.00 on changing my hair color from my natural blonde to red while the woman next to me was spending a similar amount on getting her red hair dyed blonde. Our bank balances probably don’t find it funny being emptied over boredom but it tickled me.

It takes ages for my hair to be dyed, most of which involves me waiting for my hair to cook. It always worries me that the luminous color going on my head is going to stay like that after it has been washed and I will be walking around looking like some kid has attacked my hair with a highlighter pen.

I had blonde hair for 28 years but it wasn’t BLONDE like it used to be even if every time I went to the hairdressers, no matter which hairdressers, the stylist would always comment “oooohhh your hair is still very blonde” it just looked dull to me.

For two years I went brunette but then got bored of that to and have been red for about a year now. Red dye is a pain in the ass though. It looks really nice for like two weeks tops and then fades to a limp tinge.

Being blonde my eyebrows are so light that you can really only see them in a certain light……….and if you squint……….and tilt your head to one side. Plus blonde eye brows with dark hair would look ridiculous.

My hairdressers is the newly named Salon 33, was Hedley and Co, in the town where I live, which happens to not do just hair but other beauty treatments to including eye brow tint and wax which I also have. As I mentioned in my previous beauty post I am lazy so getting them waxed means I don’t have to faff with plucking and you don’t get that uneven look if you are too enthusiastic with said plucking.

My eyes water like hell when waxed especially when she gets to that really sensitive bit under the eyebrow, I have to take tissues it is that bad! I’m so glad I don’t have a mono brow or something that requires more waxing.

My hairdresser is called Fliss and I have been going to her for about four years and as a regular customer every one there knows me so once a month we all have a catch up. It is the kind of salon where every one gets involved with everything, there could be three hairdressers with three clients and all six of us are chatting away in a big group conversation. I like this, mostly because I am nosy and I can find out all the local gossip including about our relatively new extremely noisy neighbors who Fliss knows through an old work colleague.

I have only ever used one of those boxed dyes once before. Yes it is cheaper but your hair turns to straw and I am always scared of missing a bit and the color never goes how it says it will on the box. Basically a lot of hassle for not a lot of gain.

Also Unlike the nail place I do actually like going to the hairdressers and afterwards I do feel quite fabulous even if as soon as I next wash my hair I can never get it to look as good as Fliss does!


By Lucy Williams


Lucy’s Diary 07/04/2017

Netflix Part One

Okay, okay I admit it I may be a tad addicted to Netflix, but these days who isn’t? After all there is a whole new hashtag invention of #netflixandchill so I think the addiction meetings  might be quite busy.

The thing is Netflix is great for me. I am so impatient that waiting a whole week to see the next episode is not an option plus that next week I might be busy or am not in the mood to watch it so what is a girl to do? well wait until it is on Netflix and binge watch it, obviously.

My current addiction is The Night Shift. Which is an American medical drama with a lot of none Americans in it. The first three episodes of season one are not very good but stick with it because the actors and the script writers really get into the swing and the characters become much more engaging.

The camera whirls from one place to another so you get the feel of what it must be like working in Accident and Emergency. You can be with one character who happens to walk past another and then the camera will move on to that character which I think gives you more a sense of what it must be like to work in a busy A&E department.

The show is centered around Dr T.C Callahan played by the beautiful Irish actor Eoin Macken (who you may recognize from a few years back in Merlin that incidentally is also on Netflix). T.C is an ex army medic with PTSD who is struggling with the death of his brother and life back in the real world.

Unfortunately beautiful he may be but I don’t like his character or his relationship with Dr Jordan Alexander played by Jill Flint. This is literally the only downside to the whole show but their characters are just not likable. He is selfish and she is just plain boring!

But there are so many aspects of the show I do like. I like being made to think and for my mind to be opened to other peoples minds and experiences and to things I have never even considered before, this show does that.

For starters this is the first American show I have seen where anyone who is not white has not been relegated to that of bit part receptionist. Watch shows like the The Big Bang Theory and  you can bet there is some stereotypical bolshy black woman receptionist or an Hispanic cleaner but all the “important” people such as doctors or teachers are white, which is just not how it is in the real world.

All the doctors and nurses are a mix of races, sexuality and gender which is much more representative of the world today and also mean important and interesting issues that should be discussed are discussed.

For instance the relationship between Dr Drew Alister and Rick Lincoln is one of my favorites. Not only do I love both their characters but the writers really explore the prejudices real or imagined of being gay in a very masculine environment as they are both in the army as well as male patients attitudes to being treated by someone they know is gay. They also explore domestic violence and rape and the treatment of people by doctors of those that have caused harm or death such as gunmen, drunk drivers etc.

Literally every male in the cast has been in tears several times but the woman rarely are and I find this quite refreshing as there is a huge stigma about men showing their feelings and crying as well as on the other hand people usually think of woman as being emotional but this show blows that all out of the water which I find refreshing. Above all men support men, woman support woman and most importantly they support each other.

Can you tell I love this show yet? I have it on good authority, the casts twitter feeds, that they are filming the fourth season so hopefully I won’t have to wait too long : )  I’m sure I will be addicted to something else by this time next week : D



By Lucy Williams


Poem's Mixed

Untitled 75

Do you sit on the sofa and look across at me wondering how you got stuck here?

I imagine you do.

Do you sit at your desk looking at her, or maybe her, and think you are missing out?

I imagine you do.

Do you cycle out your frustrations with a life made harder by me wondering why you bother?

I imagine you do.

Do you lie in bed at night and watch me sleep thinking how much easier it would all be without me here?

I imagine you do.

By Lucy Williams