Lucy’s Diary (o7/02/16)

Me and the hubby are hoping to move to Derbyshire in the next couple of years. We spend a lot of time there at weekends, especially in summer and now we have a dog. So today we had a drive around a couple of the places we having been thinking about moving to.

While we were there we visited Elveston Castle again. You can see at the back in the photo below, it’s more a hall then a castle and is currently covered in scaffolding.

There is a church and formal gardens, a Moorish chapel (which we didn’t get around to seeing……

A lake…….


And of coarse a cafe (very important for us British). It was very busy but everything is home made and there is loads of room outside for dogs and their owners. It only cost £3.50 for a cup of tea, KitKat, scone and a can of diet coke.

There is no entrance fee but you do have to pay for parking which was £2.70 for four hours. Despite there being tons of people, dogs and horses there was plenty of room for everyone to park. We looked at the map of the place as we were leaving and we only covered about a third of the actual site so I think another return visit is called for!

Lucy’s Diary (06/02/16)

Last night the hubby a friend and myself headed to Nottingham for light night. I have never been to one of these events before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

First of all me and hubby went to a relatively new restaurant called Tortilla for Burritos. It was £5.00 for one and they were pretty huge and very tasty.

We then met our friend and headed up to Nottingham Castle where most of the events were being held. It was free to get into everything.

The symbol of Nottingham that everyone knows!

The event was running from 6:00pm until 10:00pm. We were there just after 6:00 and the queue was huge but once the gates were open it took hardly any time to move in. On our way out the queue was even bigger.

This was the view over Nottingham from the Castle. It was very cold and windy!

As well as the lights they had exhibitions. There was a modern art exhibition where me and my friend tried to guess what the hell it was going on about, apparently I am quite good at that!

But there was also “proper” art in the gallery.

There was a band playing what I call “Jane Austen music” which added to the nice atmosphere.

There were events all around the castle including some kind of light saber fight (?!)

And this guy who was singing songs such as knees up Mother brown. The atmosphere was great with people singing and dancing along (including us).

The trip was busy as it was right in the middle of everything. It may be the oldest but I swear it is the busiest inn in England to!

Heading back to the Olde Market square we passed a church with lots of T lights in decorated milk bottles hanging on the railing, all for light night of course.

There was a night market happening in the square where this stall of strawberry related treats were. All the stalls were selling food of some sort. The paella one looked nice but I couldn’t fit any more food in my belly!

On a journey around market square we saw a little alleyway all lit up with these on the walls.

Turned out at the end was an art cafe that had a tiny exhibition for light night on. We decided to get a drink before heading home.

I had a great night with two great people and mostly for free!