Lucy’s Diary (Nottingham Graveyard)

I don’t know what it is about graveyards but they get the creative juices and the imagination going.

None of my family (bar me and my sister) are from Nottingham, so walking around here didn’t help the family tree research but was great for pics.

Nottingham graveyard is split into two halves, the second half we went to was the most atmospheric and eery.

Some of the graves were obviously of very rich people but no matter how much money or what job you have, the result for all of us is exactly the same. I think that makes graveyards also quite humbling.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who (Paula Acton!) then this will scare you like it did me (whatever you do, don’t blink!). You can also see in this pic how crammed in all the graves are.

There were some pretty flowers, I have noticed that people mostly put fake flowers on graves now so they last longer. I think they still look nice.

Nature has definitely taken over most of the graves but I think it can look really good.

All the stones below once were brought with tears and love but now have fallen naturally or been knocked over on purpose.

A huge amount of the graves had ivy, bushes, trees, plants growing in, out of, around them.

Most of the grave’s barely made it to the 1930’s. All these people meant the world to someone at the time of their death but now no one knows they even existed. I loved the poem on this one, I think this grave proves my point!