Poem's Mixed

Untitled 46

Sometimes you find that special someone

Whose love could be no stronger

And whose happiness could mean no more

For me that is my sister

Having a little sister means so much to me

I could make her run around the block

And do anything for me

But now she is so much older,

A wonderful woman she will be

She will always make me smile

With the kind way that she treats me

A sister is the greatest gift,

That anyone could give

We have a bond that will never break

I know she will always be there for me

There is no one better than my sister

For thinking up plans and cons

Together we have a special friendship

That no other can compare

So that is why I’m writing this poem

To show her how much I care

Because to me there is no other

Who could compete

To my little sister.

By Lucy Williams


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