Poem's Mixed

Untitled 49

I was young once,

I used to have a wife,

Three children, almost four

I used to run up the steps to work

And I liked a drink, or two!

I was young once,

I used to work in Germany,

Best days of my life they were,

I used to sing and dance to

But that’s almost forgotten now

I was young once,

Now, lying here is all I can do,

My body will barely move anymore,

My head rests to one side,

It’s too much effort to speak

I was young once,

People keep fussing around me,

They keep feeding me slime

And getting me to drink tar,

Not entirely sure what is going on

I was young once,

I have no idea where I am

But I’m sure everyone here is mad,

Someone keeps trying to escape

Really wish I could do that to!

I was young once,

I feel ready to go now

I know my body is giving up,

I have had a good life though,

I was young once.

By Lucy Williams


3 thoughts on “Untitled 49

  1. Your poem “I Was Young Once” is just lovely….and so empathetic. I work with the elderlly, and I believe you have grasped the root of your humanity and stepped so gently into their shoes….beautiful and poignant.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m pleased you think so because I was trying to write it from my Granddads point of view in the home he was in before he died a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad you felt I achieved that

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