Poem's About Love

Poetry 16

I don’t feel good about this

It’s ripping my heart in two

I don’t think what I am doing

Is something that you deserve

But I am lonely

I miss the way we used to be

Laughing and talking all night

Sometimes it’s still like that

Those times are getting fewer

But I miss you

The intimacy between us is gone

Although I know it is not an excuse

We were leading almost separate lives

I never meant to hurt you

But you weren’t there

She has the same humor as me

Never seems stressed or unhappy

There are no kids making a noise

We have plenty of time to ourselves

But I love you

You may not believe me but it’s true

It is just sex, although that sounds cliche

She is how you used to be

Before life changed you into something I don’t regonise

But I am a cheater.

By Lucy Williams



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