Poetry 02

Riverside Festival, Nottingham

Bursts of light whirling around,

Squealing and shouting from high up in the sky

And the sweet smell of candy floss and toffee apples fill my senses.

There is a small child grinning happily while clutching the biggest teddy bear,

Her dad shouting her name, unable to see her in the swelling crowd.

A young man tries to hook a duck for his girlfriend,

She petulantly sticks her lip out when he misses.

I’m roughly pushed forward towards a ride by unknown bodies,

I pay my pounds and I’m strapped in the the hard and uncomfortable seat,

Slowly the ride rotates getting faster and faster,

The world around me reduced to a blur of lights and faces

Just as the fireworks go off near by,

Sending up sparks to the Heavens,

I feel as if I am flying to another world,

The fair has come to town.

By Lucy Williams


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