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Micro Poetry 6 (New Poem)

Yesterday’s post about the German wings plane crash has had a lot of negative comments. Every one is entitled to their opinion and maybe I have worded it wrong (I was angry when I wrote it!). Just to be clear, it is the way the media has portrayed depression that I object to, the use of “Mad Man” in the Sun newspaper etc which is why I linked to a front page of a newspaper. I am fully aware there needs to be an investigation to try and find out what happened, the family’s are owed at least that. I also agree that mental health as well as physical health should be considered before someone is put in charge of all those people. As I said in my post yesterday, it is the generalization of depression I object to.

Anyway, on wards and upwards.

I have been getting into writing micro poetry (some of it is in my new book, Small Writing’s). This is mainly because of Twitter. People put prompts up and you write a poem using that prompt. As you can imagine, some work out better than others and you only have a limited character space but I like the challenge : ) I’ll write the prompt we were given below the poem’s I put up.

Lighting a cigarette,

You blow smoke rings

But, gradually they form into hearts

Silently showing me your love.

Prompt: Smoke rings 


2 thoughts on “Micro Poetry 6 (New Poem)

  1. Lucy…….your wording went straight into my heart. There was not a thing wrong with it.

    Your words made me mad, but for the same reasons that you wrote them.

    Just when we seem to be making progress as to the truth about depression and the weight of it for those of us that carry it around most of our lives, someone with no understanding of the nature of the black dog decides to start casting stones at us.

    We would not do this with most any other medical condition.

    en theos…..j

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