Micro Poetry

Micro Poetry- A Translation

This is apparently my poem in Indonesian as translated by Ragiel Rachmet Masyhuri over on my Facebook page.

Benar, sebelum langit terbelah dan mulai turun hujan
Aku melihatmu melintasi jalanan
Menenteng tas di tanganmu
Menjauh dari kehidupanku. 

This is my original English version

Right before the skies opened and the rain began
I saw you across the street
With carrier bag in hand you walked out of my life.

And this is the direct translation according to Facebook translate button, hhhmmmm. I think the translation button got a little confused in places.

The works of: Lucy William
Right before the heaven is split asunder, and starting to rain
I saw you across the street
Menenteng Bags in your hands
Stay away from my life.


One thought on “Micro Poetry- A Translation

  1. the joys of translation, I guess there are certain words and phrases like carrier bags which have no direct translation because culturally they are not really needed, had you said a basket then it would probably have translated. I use google translate occasionally for coming up with the names of my characters for my fantasy books, I type in personality traits then go through different languages until something jumps out at me 😀

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