Micro Poetry

Micro Poetry 398

Even when the music stopped you kept singing your song of love for me

Under the moonlight of this sticky summers night.

By Lucy Williams

A video of me talking about the subject of my latest book, Behind the silence



One thought on “Micro Poetry 398

  1. At our work they do not actually touch you during searches, you have to turn your pockets out, turn up collars and depending on manager possibly remove shoes, if you have long hair tied up they may ask you to lift your ponytail to show nothing tucked in the band, to be honest we go ages between searches and they only tend to do time if the tills have been down, same policy here if you refuse they take it as a sign of guilt and you are subject to hearings, not sure what policy would be on individual personal experiences but would suggest maybe if you work for a larger national company you would be better going above manager level to main HR department, they are more likely to be able to put personal plans into place, however does mean having to say why I guess.

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