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Untitled 30

Some blame others too easily for their own failures

Those people talk a lot of shit

It is my parents fault I’m fucked up sounds pretty stupid when you are 40 years old

Everyone makes mistakes including yourself

Stop blaming your past for your cowardice

Become a better person then the people who hurt you

Don’t piss on people like you were pissed on

Start taking responsibility for your own life without a black shadow from your past controlling your present and future

If you don’t that means they have won

Don’t be that person bullied at school 20 years ago who still blames them for your fucked up life.

By Lucy Williams


Behind the silence is available from Amazon and Goodreads



One thought on “Untitled 30

  1. And that is exactly the right mind set, if I told you about my life….man, but you are exactly correct and exactly wrote what I believe in. It all comes down to being a man (in my case obviously in your case is woman, I hope…. 😉 ) And stop crying about what happened in your childhood and all that crap, I do understand though that a lot of people are quite traumatize because of their childhood, I´m just not wired for that. I just took my own road and moved on, and is not like I was had the worst of childhoods, but some bumps here and there, and at 33 I love my parents, got out of the house at an early age and made my life, with a lot of imperfections I should add, but now in general I´m doing pretty good, or surviving that is ( I do have the money to pay for this computer and for books, study through the internet when I can, money for food, and….cigarretes! Also to pay for a room with wifi so that is cool) harsh life it is but that is life, but point being I learned this from my father, as he once said as I was a Young kid ” At the end of the day you´re alone” Basically telling me to not depend on nonbody except myself and be strong, seemed it worked at the end, maybe not perfectly but we get through some real tough sh..t. And never but never blame anybody elese for your screw ups, I always take responsibility of my screwups. And there are quite a few, not now at age 93……. sorry 33, but It does agravate me when people constantly are blamming this or that whatever it is in their past or even in their present for them to act in certain ways that are not correct,, no, you have a brain so use it.

    But at the same time I have empathy for those people,, wich I think is progress in my side since before I would just smack them around, and that is not a joke. So I have grown to be much more comprehensive towards people, although you always have to watch out, as my old man said ” life is a battle” full of sharks out there. Good man in his own way, Learned qutie a lot from him, I will never be him nor I want to be, I´m quite happy being me actually, not comparing myself to anybody, I learned that quite a long time ago, I´m me and me and me, nobody else, some people may like it others won´t and it really doesn´t bother me I have quite the thick skin, so just be happy with yourself and what with you got.

    weeeeeeeeehu, that was a long comment.

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