Poem's Mixed

Untitled 39

Everyone has a sort of cage they sit in

With some people the door is left open and they just walk right on out

Some sit in theirs comfortable in the little space they occupy in the world

My cage? It is guarded by a big black dog

I fight it every day trying to get to the sunshine and blue sky I can see through the bars

But it always beats me

I will never give up trying though.

By Lucy Williams

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One thought on “Untitled 39

  1. the blue sky is always there, even when we can’t see it. No matter how dark and stormy it appears to us, if we could just rise above the clouds we could see, that the blue sky is still there, as beautiful and serene as ever. This thought helps me at times, it is not my own, I borrowed it from another, but I thought maybe it could be helpful to you in some way. stay strong, you have within you the strength that is needed. It is about finding it and harnessing it.

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