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Untitled 54

Walking alone across a field I see a man

Looking him up and down I wonder if he is one of them,

If I could hold him if I need to to.

But he just apologizes as we pass as if to say “sorry for my existence in this public place”

After a moment I look back and I can see his retreating back at the other end of the field

I hop thorough my side of the fence wondering

“Is this what freedom feel’s like?”

By Lucy Williams

When walking my dog alone in various places I am always a little wary when I encounter other people, especially men. Obviously not all men want to hurt you but it is quite often hard to tell which ones will and which ones won’t. Anyway there was one particular incident where two men were sitting on a little bridge having their lunch, there was plenty of room so me and dog walked past. One of the men apologized and explained they were on their lunch which was why they were there. I thought it odd that they thought they had to apologize for sitting in the sun in a public place. But this incident wasn’t the first or the last like this in similar places and it has got me wondering if this is freedom for either of the sex’s if one is scared they will be attacked and the other is scared everyone thinks they are going to attack you. We really live in a horrible society.


2 thoughts on “Untitled 54

  1. I was always brought up to walk nearest to the road the woman on the inside and I will automatically move to the outside if I see any woman walking towards me. But often I will see the woman look up see me on the outside of the path and then also move to the outside of the path. And I know she is thinking he is going to push me into the bushes, that doorway, and is taking a sensible precaution. But it is very frustrating that we have that sort of society.

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