Lucy’s Diary 02/04/2017

Living with a boy Part One

The boy I live with is possibly the clumsiest person in existence. Once he fell down the stairs from the very top to the very bottom head first and landed without a scratch, or me hearing. He now informs me that he is too old, he is 34, to do things like that now and not bruise. He mostly came to this conclusion by falling off his push bike and ending up with a fat purple bruise on his arse.

Talking of push bikes have I mentioned before that he has a racer? well I have now. It is a bit of a nightmare for me. Not only does the stupid thing eat up any spare, or not spare, money but I am sure it is out to at least seriously maim him if not do worse.

Today he completed a 60 mile bike ride, I think I am more proud he came back to me with all his original limbs and with them unscathed then the fact he rode a bike for 60 miles.

Once he was riding home from work and a car pulled into a petrol station right in front of him causing him to go straight into the side of the bastards car. He was fine, luckily, but the bastard was not so lucky when he was punched in the face by his truly, mmmmmm.

He has also rode into other push bike users when one or the other has been flying around a corner. I think it must be like riding into a brick wall for the other person as other than a few bruises or scratches he has been fine but the others bike has been mangled and there was a possible broken shoulder once not to mention a flattened fence.

Of course there are other factors like when you are pelting along and a passenger in a car decides it would be really funny to stick his hand out the window and push him off the bike, as you can imagine neither of us thought this was hilarious.

Or the time when he forgot to take his foot out of those guard things in time when he was stopping and just sort of keeled over, o.k that one is funny.

I always tell him before going out for a ride to be careful as it is not just him on the bike but all the people that love him like me, his parents and brother etc. I think he forgets quite often.

He loves riding his bike and who am I to stop him doing something he likes so much even if it gives me the frights. So I think the only way forward is to dress him up in bubble wrap……. or in full leathers……….or possibly add some kind of plastic shelter……….or metal one……….or even better a car!

By Lucy Williams


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