Lucy’s Diary 21/04/2017

Writing Part One

I am not talking random poetry writing I’m talking about actual book writing. I currently have two books out on Amazon, Behind The Silence and Scribbling’s Of An Idle Mind. I would have more except I am so undisciplined with my writing it is ridiculous.

I am unfortunately not one of those people who makes sure I sit down every day and stick to a already decided word count and I don’t ever have a clear plan written down neatly in a notebook with plot and characters all worked out.

I am more of a ooooooohhhh quick quick I have an idea! frantic typing, run out of inspiration, many days, weeks pass by, more frantic typing, run out of inspiration……..you get the idea.

My books are all planned in my head. I turn myself into the main character/s and be that character/s in my head for the entire time I am writing the book, which with my writing discipline can be a very long time! Every time I have a moment to myself or listen to music or out walking the dog or before I got to sleep at night I am her, or rather in this case, him.

I tend to have certain songs/films/programme’s that inspire me to write, those songs change depending on what type of book I am writing and bizarrely have nothing to do with the actual subject I am writing about. This way of working is why I am probably better off being an Indie Author and not an old fashioned book deal writer. Being an Indie Author is also good because I like writing about completely different subjects for example;

Behind The Silence is an autobiography set between when I was 11 years old until I was 16 while I was being bullied at school. I use writing in the form of diary entries intermingled with poetry to tell the story.

Whereas Scribbling’s Of An Idle Mind is a poetry book with photographs also taken by me showing what inspired me to write the poem.

And I am now, in a haphazard way, writing A Restless Heart which is an unconventional love story written from both peoples perspectives. Which also means I am listening to The Greatest and Cheap Thrills by Sia as well as Blue Jeans and Gods and Monsters by Lana Del Rae depending which section I am working on, a lot! and I don’t even dare to think how many times I have watched Boy’s and The Way He Looks.

I love writing and would love to earn a living from it but it is not the be all and end all for me, I have a good and busy life so really just want to enjoy the process of writing. I worry that a book deal would mean too much pressure which would take the enjoyment out of it.


By Lucy Williams



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