Lucy’s Diary 24/05/2017

Home Sweet Home Part Two

We are decorating our hall, or rather hubby is decorating our hall and I am project managing : D Since it was my idea I am quite happy to decorate but hubby banishes me to another room every time I make an appearance, he is someone who likes things done his way or not at all!

The walls were a pale lemon and grubby, the carpet was thin and stained with who knows what and the porch bit had lino which just gets soggy with muddy and wet boots and a dog and is seriously hard to clean properly.

Now the walls are a light grey and the stairs are white and will have colorful vases on the edge of every other step as soon as I actually find ones I like! We have painted our natural color wood shoe rack white and the hooks for our coats were already white. I have black and white wedding photo’s going up the stairs to and the now grey walls make them look even more stunning, I swear my leg has never looked so good before!

But it’s not just about painting walls and ceiling as I made the decision, and hubby made the mistake of agreeing, to not having a carpet on the stairs but painting them instead. So the carpet has been pulled up revealing very decent floor boards except one at the top has had the back kicked in at some point. We happen to have a joiner who lives next door and he gave us a couple of ideas of how to fix it so we stuck two nails into it to lever it back then wedged a bit of wood plus glue down the remaining gap that currently is held in place courtesy of a bit of string tied to the banister and then we will filler and paint while keeping all fingers and toes crossed.

The floor paint is great, non slippy and hard wearing and much easier to clean but because of it being white and the backs of the stairs being two toned it is needing approximately a thousand coats, it does look so much fresher already.

Another problem is the laminate flooring we are now putting on the landing and at the bottom of the stairs is a nightmare to fit. We got some of it from a couple of friends who had some left over after decorating their conservatory and finding some more was the easiest part. We didn’t have the appropriate tool so we ordered it but then it turned out the appropriate part to go with it that hubby thought we had was non existent in our tool box so an extra part was ordered which has arrived today. Again all fingers and toes crossed.

It’s been almost two weeks since we first started the hall and I am getting a little annoyed with all the stuff heaped up everywhere but I know it will look amazing when it is done. In the end your house is the most expensive thing you own containing the most important people and memories so why not put lots of effort into making it look great? After all it is an investment, and I love it!

By Lucy Williams



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