Lucy’s Diary 17/06/2017

Home Sweet Home Part Three

I have become a little obsessed with all things home related. I was 24 when we bought our first and current home. At that time we were both working full time, I was studying for a G.C.S.E in psychology and volunteering for the Samaritans as well as having a busy social life. As you can imagine I didn’t have the time and energy to bother too much about the house other than both of us doing a whole house clean once every week.

But then I got ill and was forced to seriously slow life down. I now only work 16 hours, finished and passed my G.C.S.E with a B and had to give up volunteering. I can’t just be a spectator in life though, I see at the moment so many people about my age who have suddenly got to 30 ish and thought SHIT what am I doing? I have not encountered that problem so far.

So my life now has just taken a slower pace but I have made sure it is still fulfilling. For starters I began writing again, starting this blog, Instagram and Twitter as well as publishing books on Amazon. We rescued a little dog that takes up quite a bit of my time and also keeps me company when hubby is off at work and makes me feel better when I have my bad days. And now I have got into everything home related, after all I am in my home a hell of a lot more than I used to be!

I now do some form of cleaning everyday and have decided that I want to do up our home as I am sick of staring at all the glaring problems and making it look nice and fixing what needs to be fixed is only going to be good news when selling it in the not too distant future. Once I have finished pimping this house hopefully we will be ready to move to another and I can start all over again : D. Recently I have started up a second Instagram account all to do with the home, the improvements we are making etc just look for @meandmylovelyhome if you want to join me. I hope to see you there xxx

By Lucy Williams


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