Lucy’s Diary 18/06/2017

Father’s Day and Grans Birthday

Happy Birthday first of all to my Grandma. It is my Dad’s mum’s birthday today and she is 94 and my only living grandparent. Below is her on her wedding day in the 50’s. Unfortunately she has dementia and is in a home with no clue as to who I am, which wouldn’t stop me visiting but this home is also in Surrey and we all live in Nottingham. Mind you if my hubby and his brother are anything to go by even if I was lucky enough to have her living nearer I still wouldn’t go very often but I guess you don’t know how lucky you are all the time.

But of course I sent her a card and I usually write a note in which the carers at the home show and read out to her which will hopefully bring her some pleasure for a little bit if nothing else. I’m hoping to go down and see her soon, it is so expensive with petrol and hotels etc that I can’t do it as often as I would like.


As you know it is Father’s day today to but my Father is currently travelling back from a holiday in France with my Mother via my Grandma’s as well as all our work schedules not coordinating so we all won’t be available for present swapping until Tuesday evening.

Also the photo’s from my wedding are literally the only photos of me and dad. This is for two reasons;

  1. Me and my dad are the photographers in the family so we have one or other of us in a photo but not both.
  2. I hate pretty much every single photo ever taken of me apart from my wedding ones.

I think both me and dad hated the walking down the aisle bit equally for as well as the interest in photography I also take after him in shyness lol I will always remember my dads face when he first saw me in my wedding dress, it still makes me smile when I think of that moment.

I consider myself very lucky to have my dad walk me down the aisle. One of my close friends dad died when they were very young and another friend had a relationship with their dad at the time of her wedding that was so bad he wasn’t there at all.

So Happy Father’s day to my dad but also to all the absent ones residing in Heaven and a hug to all those that don’t have a good/no relationship with their dad’s, believe me I understand this more than you would think or I am capable of putting into words xxx

Karen and Jon (207)


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