Poem's Mixed

Untitled 85

Whenever I look at a willow tree it reminds me of the beauty and strength in crying.

I wonder at it’s pretty tears of leaves making their way into a constant stream down into the river below.

Whenever I look at a willow tree is occurs to me they are always by a river of tears.

By Lucy Williams

Poem's Mixed

Untitled 83

Recovering from depression is a bit like being handed one of those 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

You look at the photo of how you used to be on the front then at the pile of identical looking pieces in the box wondering how they are going to make up the whole.

You rummage trying to find the edges, excited whenever two fit together.

After day’s, weeks, months, your old face is starring back at you

But it’s not quite like the one on the box front because you can still see where all the pieces have joined together.

By Lucy Williams

Poem's Mixed

Untitled 82

When I look into your eyes I can see your dreams.

There is a ship with white sails making its way across the blue of your iris,

A mini you is waving happily from the deck.

I wonder where you are going,

Wherever it is promise me you will take me with you.

By Lucy Williams